I have loved doing our house up, transforming it from the day we moved in and turning it into our family home. When the Pandemic hit we needed to adapt our house to suit our new needs; working from home and so we built 2 new offices. An office from home has slightly different requirements than a corporate office, but we needed to make sure we utilised the existing floorplan. Here is what we did and some before and after photos on making the spaces.

Conservatory conversion

When we moved into our house we had a very sorry for itself looking conservatory. It was made of aluminium and thin sheets of glass. It was one of those really hot in the sunshine and extremely cold in the Winter kind of conservatories. We explored the idea of redoing the conservatory, but the sunshine would have been too intense for an office. So, we decided to rip it down and extend our dining area.

This is the before photos:

This is the after:

I am really happy with how this space turned out, it feels brighter and happier. I love sitting at my desk and being able to look out of the windows into the garden. The dogs sit with me in the office too. One of the ideas for this space is that it could extend the dining area, when needed, and it is my office during the week days.

I got an electric height-adjustable desk from Flexispot that can move up and down. It allows me the option to stand up for meetings or sit down. It also means I can sit comfortably under my desk, the chair arms can fit snug underneath it.

I have the EG8 Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk in black. It has an electric control panel that allows me to set 4 heights if different people use the desk. I can plug in 2 USB and 1 USB C devices in the front panel too, which is really handy when I need to charge my devices. There is a handy drawer at the front of the desk that fits in my essentials too.

The desk was really easy to install, it came in 2 boxes and all I had to do was attach the feet to the base. The instructions were clear and I had it ready to go within 15 minutes. I love my desk area and it makes it more exciting to know I can stand up or sit down, depending on my mood! Have you used a standing desk before?

I really love the security feature of this desk, it will not lower if it senses something underneath it. So, no trapped knees! The desk has a tempered glass top which looks really stylish (but I have to be careful not to scratch it). You can buy accessories to go with it too, like a drawer for underneath and a monitor stand. Or, if you are feeling really adventurous a desk bike to go with the desk. The desk without extras is £449.99.

Flexispot Tech Day

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Garage conversion

We also made Hubby a home office by converting some of the garage. We measured the space to ensure we could still fit a car in the garage area and turned the rest into an office. We installed a window so there is natural light in the space, albeit not much of a view and we made the colours bright so it felt bigger. I love the wall mural we chose for a feature wall too – it gives the illusion he is working near a lovely forest. What do you think of the mural?

succeeding at working from home

See our other home renovations in our home section. We are gradually transforming our house from the 1970’s décor to a more modern vibe that suits us, as a family. I would love to know what you think about our office from home transformations in the comments below.

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Last Update: Wednesday, 1st May 2024