If you are in the market for some vintage or retro jewellery and aren’t sure how you can be sure you are buying the real deal, you’re not alone. Although there has been more of a crackdown on counterfeit products online in recent years, that doesn’t mean they aren’t still floating around. Sometimes you find a ring or a necklace, and it genuinely is a great deal and has all the hallmarks you want to see. It is too good to be true other times, and you have been the victim of a scam. So, this guide will help you to buy second hand jewellery.

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Why should you buy second-hand jewellery?

There is an obsession with hangin everything new, and while there are some incredible jewellery designers and stunning new jewellery. Sometimes it is the older stuff that has the real charm. 

So why should you be looking to buy second-hand? 


Some of the vintage styles are so particular to the time they were made. While there are replicas, they don’t always use the same methods to make the jewellery – which means the ones from that time will have all the markers of the traditional way to make them. 

Each era has its beautiful styles, but it is always good to learn how to spot fake jewellery


If you are looking for sustainable and environmentally friendly options for buying jewellery, buying second-hand is the best way. It’s a small part that you can play in the bigger picture of a more sustainable future. When we shop for second-hand jewellery, we lessen the demand for mining and create new precious metals and gems. 


Jewellery tends to hold its value pretty well, and that is because even older pieces can look brand new after a professional clean. Yet, in some instances, second-hand jewellery can significantly reduce in price – even when every stone in it is real. 

The quality of vintage pieces can be incredible – and lasting so long is a testament to that. 


Something fascinating is that you can track down unique jewellery items. Over time many pieces get lost and damaged. There are also many eras where mass production wasn’t a thing, and there was already a limited range available. 

Buying second-hand jewellery means that you might be able to track down an entirely unique piece. 

Most of the time, buying a high-priced item like jewellery is an investment, but it can be one worth making. As mentioned, many jewellery items can hold their value very well. Gold, in particular, can be an excellent investment for the future. 

It is also possible to pick up vintage pieces and have them resized or modified when you work with a jeweller who can maintain the piece’s original features. 

Something to remember when shopping for vintage or second-hand jewellery is that you might not be able to find exactly what you want immediately. Due to the nature of availability, it is a good idea to check private sellers and stores regularly. 

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Last Update: Friday, 15th October 2021