Vacation packages are a wonderful way to plan a family trip. They are convenient, simple, and easy on the budget, and make the sometimes challenging task of finding a getaway that suits everyone far easier. Since having children this is our go-to type of holiday.

With vacation packages to suit almost every budget, preference, and travel style, there’s no reason not to think about this as an option for your next family escape. And to help you work out the best package to pick, here’s the ultimate guide to choosing the perfect family-friendly package to guarantee a great vacation you and you family will remember for years to come!

Cruise or Resort?

One of the first things that families face when looking at vacation packages is whether to opt for a cruise or a resort. Both have plenty going for them; they are incredibly convenient, with most of the organization and planning taken care of for you, and plenty of entertainment on offer whichever you choose. A cruise can appeal to a family that wants to visit several destinations in one trip and is looking for variety, while a resort might be more attractive to parents who want to fully relax and destress, safe in the knowledge that their kids are taken care of and entertained. Either way, both cruises and resorts have loads to recommend them for a family vacation package.

Destination Selection

Choosing where you want to go is one of the most important decisions when trying to narrow down your vacation package option. Whether you choose to cruise or opt for a luxury resort, the destination will shape your vacation experience. You might be tempted by a Caribbean beach, an adventurous hiking trip in Alaska, or a thrilling theme park experience in Orlando. The best way to start is to identify your families interests and preferences, cross-reference them with your preferred climate and budget, and then make your decision.

Accommodation Options

Vacation packages tend to include pre-booked accommodations, but you’ll still have a range of options to choose from. Decide in advance what sort of accommodation you would like, and pay attention to how family-friendly the options are. Resorts and hotels that offer family suites or interconnected rooms, as well as plenty of kid-friendly activities and experience, are a good way to go. Another great option is a vacation rental, if you prefer a little more freedom and don’t mind doing a few things yourself.

Inclusive Activities and Entertainment

When booking your family vacation, pay careful attention to what activities and entertainment options are included in the package. Depending on the size of your family you’ll want a range of options suitable for different age groups, from kids’ clubs and paddling pools to watersports, guided tours, and evening shows or movie nights. It can be a nice idea to ask your kids for input in this phase of the planning, as it will help get them involved in the trip.

Dining Options and Meal Plans

The best vacation packages come with dining options included. This might just be a set breakfast or a morning buffet, but it might be an all-inclusive smorgasbord with every meal taken care of and a range of restaurants and eateries to choose from! Make sure the package you choose offers exactly what you want, whether you prefer the freedom of cooking most meals yourself in a rental, or you’d rather have everything taken care of.

Choosing a package vacation for your next family getaway takes all the headaches out of planning a trip. It is a great way to guarantee a stress-free experience, and ensure that every member of the family has a fun, enjoyable, and memorable vacation. Check out my other post: top 10 family friendly hotels in 10 different Countries.