The great outdoors can sometimes seem far, far away when we’re hustling and bustling to and from work, dealing with modern life’s requirements and spending time around the home. Fortunately, there are many different ways in which the great outdoors can be brought home and experienced in an eco-friendly fashion, like artificial grass for example. Outdoor home remodelling ideas are plentiful, but not all take into account the need for environmental awareness. We’ve outlined three great eco-friendly outdoor home improvement ideas below for you to consider as ways to add both functionality and value to your home.

Artificial grass

Having a beautiful lawn is a desire of most homeowners, but the ecological impacts of such can be astounding. Depending on climate and grass selection, a large amount of water may be necessary to sustain its beauty during the hotter and drier months. Even when water isn’t a concern, there is a chronic need in most cases for regular mowing, which in most instances requires excessive amounts of polluting fossil fuels be used to maintain a desired look.

Artificial grass installations have been popping up as of late as one solution to this problem. Not only will watering never be an issue again, but the regular chore of mowing the lawn will no longer be a concern. Run-off is no longer a problem, as these turfs have holes that allow for proper drainage. While the production of the artificial grass is not without consequence, almost every eco-friendly investment has some trade-off. This one is definitely worth it.

Go solar

Residential solar energy solutions were once considered outlandish concepts only for the obscenely wealthy. Today, they are a sensible long-term investment for any home owner who wants to save over the long-term on energy costs. Perhaps more importantly, though, is the fact that they provide a green and sustainable solution to environmental problems for the future.

Installing a solar energy system on your roof is a minimally-intrusive way to add substantial value to the home while locking in energy prices at the same time. It’s a win-win for homeowners and can be used to contribute to a greener future, lower energy costs and improve selling points for a home. To learn more about the benefits of residential solar, click here.

Reclamation remodelling materials

Regardless of home improvement project, there are plenty of different materials and substances out there that can make the process a greener and more sustainable effort.

Whether you are adding a new patio, building a new book case or designing a new room, there are many different reclaimed and recycled materials that can be incorporated into the design. From recycled and reclaimed wood to eco-friendly concrete, iron and brick, the possibilities are endless. In many cases, this path can also save homeowners money when compared to purchasing wasteful, new and comparable materials.

With a major sustainability problem on our hands for the next century, making use of recycled, reclaiming or otherwise socially responsible building materials is an absolute must. Small decisions like this when added up over time can make a real difference in the fight for a greener and more prosperous future!

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Last Update: Tuesday, 5th January 2016