As the children have grown, I have found that sleep gets more and more important for both them and myself. Working full time, being a Mum and looking after the family home can be a juggle and I need to get a better night sleep to keep on top of it all.

A good duvet

I am one of those people that sleeps all year round with a duvet, so it has to be perfect in the Winter and Summer months alike. I am currently using the Simba Hybrid duvet and it is perfect. It is a 10.5 tog duvet, but has the ability to regulate your temperature as it has special tech that gets rid of excess heat. How clever is that? It also really works for us as Hubby gets really hot and I feel the cold, this duvet seems to be great for both of our needs.

Warm drink

Have a nice warm drink before you go to bed. Something like a warm milk, Ovaltine or a chamomile tea will leave you feeling calm and warm your tummy. Certain drinks can be bad for you before bedtime, so make sure you do your research; coffee and tea are not a good idea before bed.

The 15 minute brain dump

If you have a lot of things whirring around in your mind the 15 minute brain dump will help to let you remove them from your head. It really is clever as the element of writing things out is therapeutic and leaves your head feeling a little lighter. This means you can get a better night sleep.

Is your room Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy that is all about creating balance and positivity in your life. Making sure your room has symmetry and taking away sharp corners can help to make you feel safe and comforted before you drift off to sleep. Some great tips on the Simba website.

Air purifying plants

Having air purifying plants in my bedroom really helps me to sleep better, especially as I have dust allergies. Plants such as Peace lily and Aloe Vera are brilliant at purifying the air around us whilst we sleep. They remove toxins and raise humidity in the air that helps reduce skin irritations.

Sustainable sleep?

Not only is it important to get a good nights sleep, being sustainable is another essential. Finding the right matress collection and recycling it can be a great way to reduce the impact on our planet. You could donate your mattress to charity, or use Simba (they even collect the mattress from you). Knowing I am being more sustainable certainly helps me to sleep better!

 24% of discarded mattresses were recycled in the UK last year

National Bed Federation

Check out one of my previous posts on tips for helping your kids a good night sleep, as that is just as important as you. Setting up a bedtime routine and shutting out the light pollution are 2 easy ways to help your child get a better night sleep.

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Last Update: Tuesday, 14th May 2024