One cute cover. Two nappy options.

We were sent some lovely gNappies to try out on little Isla and we got on with them really well, we were sent a small goddess pink gPants and gurple purple gPants with 10 gRefills. I hadn't heard of gNappies before or their concepts, but I am so glad that we were sent them to review.

So what is a gPant and what are gRefills? Well I can tell you that combined they are really clever little eco friendly nappies! The difference with these nappies is that they are part reusable and part disposable, so you get to have the stylish, fashionable and funky looks with the yucky bit that you throw away! Apparently 8 million disposable nappies go into landfill in the UK everyday and they take approximately 500 years to to break down, so using gNappies and the gRefills has made me feel like I am doing my bit for the environment. The gRefills take 50-150 days to bio-degrade, gNappies said that's quicker than a banana skin.

Where did I start? I looked on the gNappies website for guidance on how to use the nappies and information on how to clean them. The website is a really useful tool and I couldn't help but want to read everything, its really easy to read and the pages flow nicely. The website is and you can read up on everything from the products, to getting rid of the gRefills and you can watch videos on them too:

MummyConstant's Nappy Summary

Fit: They fit perfectly on Isla, the small size is just right for her little bum and I am hoping that we can continue to use them for a good few weeks yet. Well, lets face it I will just have to buy her the next size up! They fit like underwear, the material around the leg is like what you expect on a pair of baby shorts, the tabs close around the back of baby too: so they can't take them off easily.

Style: I love the styles of the gNappies, you can really find some awesome patterns and the limited editions are fantastic fun. Have a look at the gStyle page on the website to see latest styles and products – my favourite one is the gSweet little gPants and dress, Isla would look so cute in that.

Ease: They are extremely easy to use, you simply tuck the gRefill into the gPants and they are ready to put on like any other nappy. So not only is it extremely easy to put the gNappies together, its really easy to look after them and of course, put that used gRefill on the compost! Unlike other reusable nappies you can change the gRefill anywhere and anytime in the gPants and carry on with your daily activities – there is no need to have a completely separate nappy to hand. The gRefills are no larger than a disposable nappy and fit in my changing bag just nicely.

You can see all of the gNappies fabulous products on their website: and you can like their Facebook page: Keep looking out for new styles and limited editions, they have some great sets to try too.


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Last Update: Friday, 12th October 2012