I love the Summer and seeing lots of fun hairstyles and fashion, I like to get creative with Isla’s hair too. It’s nice to be creative and also having heatwave friendly hairstyles is just essential. I like to have a handful of hairstyles up my sleeve or something I can do quickly as the day gets warmer. Here are the top 9 hairstyles for Summer 2022:

Beach waves

This is the most popular hashtag on Instagram at the moment, with nearly 3m photos for #beachwaves. There are 2 ways to create this look; the old fashioned route of plaiting the hair before bed and letting it dry and set over night. Or if you are in a rush, like me most days, the beach wave tool! I use the Toni & Guy Style Fix Waver and it makes the best beach waves. It’s currently £20.98 on Amazon and can be with you as quickly as Monday with Prime. Also, check out Merwave for a naturally wavy look!

Fishtail plait

I have never been able to get my head around this plait, up until recently. This is the second most popular hairstyle on Instagram and it looks so pretty. I think it’s a lovely hair style that really styles up a look, however it does take me quite some to do one of these on Isla! It’s a good way to keep your hair away from your face. Check out this tutorial on YouTube.

Image from Twist me Pretty

Half up, Half Down

I love this look. I think it looks really pretty. It’s great to keep your hair off your face and neck, therefore keeping you slightly cooler in the heat. I get a bit claustrophobic when my hair sticks to my face. It is a great way styling your hair and being able to do slightly different things like have a high or low ponytails, or a bun and pretty hair accessories. Simply split your hair and put the top part up, leaving the bottom to flow freely.

Boxer braids

Also know as Dutch Braids. This is my favourite up do on Isla, she looks so gorgeous. I find these plaits easier to do than normal ones, as its two plaits and less hair – it makes the plaiting process more manageable. Check out this YouTube tutorial on how to do boxer braids. I wish I could do this in my own hair, or maybe I need to teach Isla how to do this (a Summer task).

Low bun

I love a low bun, I do this on hair wash day and I want to keep my hair looking nice. I think it looks quite classy and it keeps you cool. I do the messy low bun where I simply scrunch my hair into a bobble. You could do this with a bun tool or make it look smarter, if required. Check out this bun maker to create quick low buns this Summer.

Baby braids

This concept is creating small plaits in your hair, to complement your hairstyle. For example you could do small plaits at the front of your hair and tie this up into a low bun. You have the plaits as a frame for your face. Or you could scatter plaits around your hair, flowing through your parting. This is a cute style of the kids whilst at Summer Camps or holidays in the hot weather.


Half up braids

This is simply taking half of your hair, like half-up and half-down, and using it to create a plait. I love the Dutch style plaits in a half up braid. It looks so elegant. Combined with the beach waves style you can create really cute hairstyles that are perfect for the Summer. Check out this post styling 20 different half up braids. I love the Lace Rose half up braid. So cute.

Bubble pigtails

These are so cute and Isla absolutely loves them. They are pigtails, but instead of plaits or ponytails you use hair bobbles to create the illusion of bubbles and it looks awesome. I love Lauren Syndi’s bubble pigtail tutorial of how to do this, she looks amazing with the bubble pigtails too.

Image from Lauren Syndi

Claw clip pony

I had no idea what this was until I Googled it! This is a butterfly clip used to create a ponytail, instead of a hair bobble. If you have longer hair, this looks amazing and a quick way to get your hair tied up and out of your face. You can buy butterfly clips with extensions on if you have short hair and want to recreate this look.


Do you have any other heatwave friendly hairstyles to share? I would love to know in the comments below or on social media @mummyconstant.

I pulled this list together with help from the research conducted by the Hair experts at Vera Clinic.

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