With each new year comes a renewed sense for many of us to look at ourselves and ask how we can be better. This can cover so many different aspects of our lives, from our performance at work to being a better friend. Another area where each year people continue to aim for improvements is their environmental impact. Making a difference with our environmental impact can take many forms. Doing simple things such as reducing the number of single-use plastics we purchase or swapping out the car for a bicycle or public transport when we can head back into the office. Buying eco-friendly baby and children products should definitely be at the top of your list.

The products we buy for our family is another area where we can reduce our environmental impact. With this in mind, we have put together a list of some eco-friendly baby and children products to look out for in 2021. 

Bamboo plates and bowls 

Turning to alternative materials for things such as your child’s plates and bowls is not new, as bamboo versions have been available for a few years now. However, in 2021 it wouldn’t be a surprise to see this become more popular, and it’s definitely something to look out for. 

There are some significant benefits to bamboo plates and bowls over traditional plastic options. Steve Mccarthy, one of the co-founders of Joyto, who sell their own bamboo plates and bowls, explained that bamboo has a longer usable lifespan than plastic. This is because plastic can be cut and damaged after just three months, which can then cause toxins to leach out, and obviously no parent would want this for their children. However, bamboo is organic, requires none of the environmentally harmful chemicals to produce it, and lasts longer than the plastic bowls and plates, making it a more environmentally friendly option. 

Organic toys and clothes

Using organic materials to produce toys and clothes has resulted in some really lovely products for parents to choose from. Organic clothing has become more popular with adults in recent years. It was reported that in 2019 the global fashion platform Lyst saw a significant rise in the number of searches for items that were sustainable and eco-friendly. For example, searches for ‘organic cotton’ rose by 52%. 

When organic materials and produce was first available, there was a premium to be paid, but as it has become more common, this has fallen. Now more parents can shop a wide range of clothing and toys without being totally priced out. 

Recycled and reused books

The amount of products which we now buy every day that contains some percentage of recycled materials continues to increase. Companies in all areas are starting to understand how they can take waste and turn it into reusable materials. 

Children and baby books are no exception, with some on offer stating they contain 90% recycled paper. Given the speed at which children’s reading and understanding develops, it’s not uncommon for them to become bored with the books they have. When this is the case, why not consider buying second-hand books? There are now a variety of great platforms that you can buy used children’s books from at great prices. Not only can this help you save money, but you’re also making a more environmentally friendly choice. 

Reusable nappies

So many parents are used to buying single-use nappies, but did you know that reusable nappies are also available? They require an absorbent insert to go with them, but reusable nappies use fully waterproof materials to avoid accidents and can be adjusted as your baby grows. Some brands also make use of recycled material in their reusable nappies, which further improves their environmental impact. The main benefit of reusable nappies is that they are machine washable and as easy to use as traditional single-use ones. 

These are just a few of the eco-friendly baby and children products available to parents in 2021, but this is definitely an area that is growing. We should expect to see more products become available in the years to come. Hopefully, the products above gave you something to think about this year and going forward!

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Last Update: Saturday, 27th February 2021