40 Days of Fitness #FitnessRevolution

So, I am a week into the 40 Days of Fitness challenge with DW Fitness clubs,  the #FitnessRevolution has started. It did start off with a little kick up the behind as our household was struck with the sickness bug – but I am definitely getting there and really enjoying the challenges.

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Here is an update on my first week:

Wednesday 18th February – #WednesdayWorkout

Walk for 20 minutes and see how far you can travel. I took a walk and it was lovely, fresh air and broke up my day which was even better, it went really quickly.

Thursday 19th February – 3 sets of squats with 60 second rest in between

On a Thursday I do a class like a legs, bums and tum class where squats are involved. So luckily this was all in hand. I probably did around 20 over the class, I just have to be careful not to aggrevate my shoulder and back (whiplash is such a fun thing, not).

Friday 20th February – Planking

I used my elbows as my body is not quite up to 100% strength at the moment and I was able to hold my body weight for about 30 seconds. I have to make sure I do this in a perfect straight line otherwise it really hurts my lower back.

Saturday 21st February – 3 minute #SaturdayChallenge

How many of the following can you do in 1 minute:

Jump squats – I have no idea what these are?! But I can do a jump with a tuck involved, I managed 10 in a minute.

Star jumps – I managed 30 in a minute.

Sit ups – about 5, I do not think you can count my 6th.

Sunday 22nd February Rest day

Although it was a rest day, me and Hubby went for a lovely fresh walk around Earlham park whilst we were in Norwich and it was really nice. I like to walk and see where it takes you, it was nice to have some talking time with hubby too. I was given a recipe to try but when we got home, we had a poorly Noah and we didn’t manage to do it. The recipe is below though if you are interested and we will try it another time.

[yumprint-recipe id=’24’]Monday 23rd February – Tricep Dips

I did this up against an ottoman I have in the bedroom: 3 sets of 10 tricep dips with a 60 second rest inbetween. This really made my stomach muscles ache. I have been told to strengthen my core muscles to get my back up to scratch again and this is a good exercise to do.

Tuesday 24th February – Ingredient of the week: Substitute milk

To be honest I didn’t have anything suggested to substitute my milk for, like coconut milk or rice milk. So I just omitted milk from my day! I log all my meals on the Lifesum app so I knew how many calories I had saved with each cup of tea: 55 kcal. If I had four cups of tea a day with milk and sugar it’s amazing how much calories that amounts up to.


So what is on the agenda for the next seven days:

Wednesday 25th February – 25 minutes

Walk for 25 minutes.

Thursday 26th February – 3 sets of squats with 60 second rest in between

20 reps.

Friday 27th February – Plank

Beat the time from last week, which was 30 seconds.

Saturday 28th February – 3 minute #SaturdayChallenge

Beat the times last week for each activity, which was:

Jump squats – 10 in a minute.

Star jumps – 30 in a minute.

Sit ups – 5 in a minute.

Sunday 1st March – Rest day

Gentle stretches.

Monday 2nd March – 3 sets of each exercise

– 10 chair squats (sit and stand up with arms raised at a 90degree angle)
– 10 modified press ups (use your knees)
– 15 step ups (Can use your stairs or sturdy box)

Tuesday 3rd March – Ingredient of the week: Sweet Potato

Get creative this week with Sweet Potato. This should be easy as we love sweet potatoes!



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