Much of the conversation surrounding business life is, quite understandable, centered around how to keep operations running. After all, it’s hard to really stick to other principles if your business fails in the first month. That being said, you can’t prioritize survival over making sure you stick to your responsibilities, and in some cases, for instance, in the interest of protecting customers from harm, a business closing isn’t always the worst outcome.

That being said, it’s important to note that responsibility isn’t a chore, it’s a set of parameters that allows us to conduct business in the right way. In other words, your responsibilities keep you upright, focused, oriented, and able to measure your progress correctly. This goes for any for-profit enterprise, not necessarily only charities or organizations that make well-being part of their mission.

The question remains – what responsibilities does a new business hold? In this post, we’ll discuss that, and more. We hope this advice grants you motivation and a sense of duty as you open your fantastic enterprise.

Employee Well-Being As Standard

It’s essential to make sure those working for you are healthy and happy in their position. Much of the language surrounding employment speaks to ensuring your staff are performing as expected, but there’s also an essential duty of care to manage in accordance with that. This means making sure their workload is achievable, that they’re trained and motivated to keep investing their skills into your company, and also to ensure safety implements are non-negotiable. When you prioritize anyone who works for your business, you allow them to funnel their best into your brand, and that spreads outwards more responsibly.

Community Engagement Initiatives

It’s healthy to consider how community engagement can allow you to have a positive impact in your local area. From championing social issues you care about to making certain you benefit clients who use your services, you can develop a perennial market by treating your locals in the best possible way. In that sense, you automatically care for other considerations also, such as ensuring you use sustainable practices to keep your local environment (and the wider environment it’s part of), clean, safe, and in the best possible condition. Even smaller practices like sustainable recycling efforts can make a difference.

Data Security

As shown by Introspectus, a full-service approach towards cybersecurity is essential. Sure, protecting your firm’s essential details is important, but it’s also important to consider how the data you hold affects others, too. From the financial and personally identifying information you hold on staff, to the details clients provide you, a poor stewardship of these measures can only cause you trouble. Data security is about good planning, and being mindful of threats. It also means investing in continually updated security packages that conform to the best principles of common understanding. Even multinational firms like Sony have been caught out by bad practices like this before, which is why it’s important to plan out your response correctly.

Consistent Ethics

A business should be ethical in its approach, of course. While you might not have such a deep responsibility to the future of ethics as some AI firms continually talk about while taking up headline space, it’s true that every firm has a platform, and that means some ethical questions are important to consider.

We’re not here to tell you exactly what your business ethics or principles should be, though, of course, there are some obvious examples. What matters more is being consistent with those ethics and not simply using them as marketing material. For example, it’s so much more important to commit to very small changes in your sustainability drives if it means you can substantively lay out exactly what improvements you’ve made, instead of just talking about them and expecting credit for trying anything.

Quality Control

It’s a little hackneyed and very cliche, but also instructive to think of a business as a machine or a car. In order for it to function over time, each individual component must be considered. But you must also consider what that machine is producing. If a car is spitting out dark clouds of pollution, that showcases something going wrong with the internals of the engine, or perhaps it’s operating exactly how it’s been designed to, and that itself needs improvement.

Quality control is an essential step in this process, then, and it must be taken seriously for progress to be made. This means implementing several review processes to make sure customers are happy, but also that services or products are randomly reviewed to ensure everything is going out correctly. For starters – regularly reviewing your website for 404ing pages or errors is essential.

For products, regular safety testing, health inspections, and supply line vetting will ensure every stage of the process is operating as anticipated. Quality control isn’t solely the realm of companies trying to play right with their regulator, but companies who wish to persist and limit even the potential harm their products and goods could do.


It’s important to note that as we develop as a business, we have an obligation to provide stability for those around us. That might be stability for the careers of people who invest their time with us, stability for our clients and customers to provide great value for them (and not to squeeze them for every dime), and of course, stability for any investors looking for their agreed-upon return.

Stability also means the obligation you have for yourself to make your own dream work. This means managing and mitigating risk where you can, not being afraid to make tough choices, and continually implementing a very real vision for your brand. Stability isn’t necessarily guaranteed, but working towards it is all any one of us can do to make tomorrow better.

With this advice, you’re certain to at least understand and move forward with the responsibilities any new business should consider. Over time, you may be surprised just how worthwhile a focused effort in this light can be. A little attention, care and willingness can go a long, long way to success.

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  • Siobhan N
    Thursday, December 21, 2023

    I would love to set up my own business, but the tricky part is working out what type!