Living a healthy lifestyle isn’t easy when you’ve been set in your ways for years. It’s frustrating to be working on getting healthy, only to feel stuck in the same place. There are many reasons why you could be stuck, but only you know the answer.

The good news is that there are common reasons why most people don’t reach their wellness goals. It’s easy to get back on track once you know why you’ve been struggling. You must be patient and open to new suggestions for change to occur. See why you’re not achieving your health goals and what to do about it. 

Not Increasing your Metabolism

You need to increase your metabolism to lose weight. There are many ways to go about raising it. Working out is great for your health and helps you reach your weight loss goals by increasing your metabolism. Lift weights to increase it even more. Another beneficial tool is to drink Skinny Coffee which can increase metabolism and accelerate fat burning. This drink boosts your energy, and its natural ingredients are effective for weight loss.

Stuck in a Workout Rut

Stuck in a workout rut? Check in with yourself and see how many times per week you’re actually going to the gym. Next, consider your workouts and their intensity. If you’re bored, switch it up and complete a mix of the machines, bike and weights. If you’re sick of the gym, research an exercise class to join with a group of people. Another idea is to get outside and walk or run. Create a different routine for each day or week and pull yourself out of your exercise rut by introducing variety into your workouts.

Too Many Treats

It’s time you’re honest with yourself about your extra desserts and treats. Are you sneaking sugar and sweets when you shouldn’t be, or drinking sugary drinks? This is the time to tell yourself the truth and cut out the bad habits. Record what you’re eating or drinking, so you don’t have to do guesswork. Writing it down may tell a different story, and you could find an opportunity to cut calories. Try eating at home and avoiding restaurants and happy hours that contribute extra calories. If you’re doing this and not getting in extra gym time, then you’ll start gaining weight.

No Accountability

Another reason people find it difficult to get the weight off is because they’re not holding themselves accountable. Losing weight and being healthy isn’t magic. It takes hard work, and you must accept responsibility for reaching your goals. You can’t make a wish and hope it happens for you. Get out there and start making changes that improve your health and wellness. You can’t want to achieve a goal and then refuse to put in the work it takes to get there. Hold yourself accountable for your workouts, eating habits and stress.


It’s not always easy to pinpoint why you do not see results. There are common themes that tend to relate to most people. These are a few reasons why you’re not achieving your health goals.

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Last Update: Sunday, 2nd July 2017