Toddler Talk

Yes, this innocent looking little tot, has been talking away for the past few weeks and I would love to have a toddler decipher standing by me at all times. He does the toddler talk inbetween actual words, like watching a Chinese film where they mention an English word or place.


So, on Noah's list of words I can say, where people can understand him quite clearly, are: aeroplane, silly, love you, jump, get it, lolly and oh no. Not forgetting the “hi” that he copied from mr Flynn Rider in Tangled, which is hilarious.

He is getting good at copying you now for words, facial expressions and actions. It's getting quite fun! This does mean that we need to be careful about the use of language in the house, although we're not. Oops.

Just for a laugh I wanted to share these photos that we took on the plane, on our way home, Noah would say “silly mummy” if he knew… Maybe he will say that when he reads this blog back!


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