I have literally spent the past week telling myself “What have I done wrong?“. One minute Noah is caring, loving and absolutely amazing. The next, he is throwing things around, pushing chairs over and being completely horrible to everyone. Oh and lunchtimes are becoming an issue too. What is going on with my little man?

Do you remember the article about packed lunches? It broke my heart to think a small boy was sent to school with just a energy drink in his packed lunch box. We have the opposite scenario with Noah. We give him a healthy lunch, well a typical lunch: sandwich, crisps, apple, yoghurt and raisins. He never eats it.

Today he came home having taken one bite out of his roll. He had eaten his crisps and that was it. We have tried chopping the apple up, trying different types of sandwiches and it doesn’t make a difference. I just don’t understand.

I was told recently the children that have packed lunch can get outside faster. So I wonder if they scoff their lunches down as quickly as possible so that they can get outside and play with their mates. He ate 4 Weetabix for breakfast and came home and said he was starving. Why is he not eating his lunch?

Then, on top of the eating issue there is his moodswings to deal with. Lets look at today, as a typical day for Noah:

Wake up – play Minecraft with Isla until 7am. Usually they get thrown off of it as they end of fighting. Daddy asked them to turn it off as they were bickering – Noah throws a tantrum and throws the controller at Isla. When Daddy tried to talk to him he shouted at him, calling him stupid etc. I left him to calm down and by 7:45am he was feeling sorry for himself and he apologised. He wanted a hug and said Isla made him feel out of control.

After school he asked if he could play Minecraft when he got in. I said no because of his behaviour from the morning. Stroppy face and moodswing appeared, instantly. He starts to give me ultimatums: “I won’t do XXX if you do not let me on the Xbox”. I have to remind him that life doesn’t work like that.

As soon as we walked through the front door he thwacked his lunchbox around Snoopys head. The poor dog didn’t know what to think, he cannot see, so must have been a nasty shock. It just destroyed me. He was soooo angry he thought hitting the dog would be a good idea. I have to say I did get cross. He walked around the house slamming all of the dining chairs to the ground and kicked over the washing basket on his way up to his room. I shouted at him to try and get him to think about how Snoopy would have felt, not seeing what happened and being scared. He just looked at me.

Again, I had to wait for him to calm down before he starts to talk normally and rationally. We then took the dogs out for a walk, the fresh air and freedom helped as they just burnt a lot of energy off. The photo below is from the very walk, the same day all of these angry moments occurred. It doesn’t make sense!

I feel at a loose end! How can I stop him hurting everyone? Losing control? Why is my caring baby boy turning into this vulgar being when he doesn’t get his own way? I have obviously gone wrong somewhere. It has to be my fault, I have raised him. But there must be a way I can fix him! Sorry for the rant… any ideas welcomed in the comments!

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Last Update: Tuesday, 26th February 2019