We had a fun day yesterday at Grandmas and then Nannys, we learnt to count to 4 at grandmas by stacking up her tin cans. If I at one, Noah will say two… He sounded like he was saying three & four, three almost sounded like two though, he's pronouncing it like “two-fwee” it's really cute.

We also learnt a new game of racing, in true Olympic fashion, Nanna was counting him in by saying “ready, steady, go” and Noah would dart off in whatever direction he fancied. It was quite funny, he even threw in a few “jumps” here & there. He has started to properly jump on the trampoline now, it's so funny watching him, he looks too tiny to be jumping but he loves it.

After lunch we went to Nanny's where Noah played, quite nicely, with Auntie Rach's guinea pigs in the garden.

He very quickly learnt if he cornered them with his legs, they couldn't escape his clutches and then he could grab one. He had to be careful though as Auntie Rach said they have fragile leggies & we didn't want Noah breaking one of them. But he was careful and seemed to be really enjoying playing with the animals. They have a bunny too but she isn't very Noah friendly!


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Last Update: Wednesday, 29th August 2012