This week Isla has been showing off her grabbing skills, She's been playing with all of her toys and really gripping them. Her hand – eye co-ordination has developed really well over the past week, it's like she's grown up all of a sudden. No longer a little newborn, she's a big girl!



We've been really busy this week visiting friends and trips to the park (in between the rainy days). It's obviously all been a bit too much for our little princess.

We still aren't sleeping all night long, we have had a night where she woke up at 5am then fed and went back to sleep until 7am. Apart from its the usual 3/4am wake up. (Thankfullynonly 1 wake up s night though).

Hats off to the mums who don't get any sleep with their little ones, I really really understand how horrible it can be and I have to say “hang on in there”, it might not be much but a small bit of encouragement and support can help wonders! Well it does for me…

We have started pooping a lot recently, it's quite bizarre. One poop will be watery, the next normal and the next one a bit hard. She has been gnawing a lot too, her new mermaid friend has come in very handy.

I'm hoping the pooping is due to the teething and that it will calm down soon, this is what is waking her up at the moment, I think! As she always has a smelly bum when i go in her room in the middle of the morning… Here's hoping it passes.



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Last Update: Thursday, 23rd August 2012