All of this cold weather has inspired long coats and knee high boots. I must keep warm, especially as I do a lot of walking. Walking helps to keep both my heart and mind healthy. Making sure I have a warm Winter coat and boots is an essential criteria to check off my Winter shopping lists. I really enjoyed shopping from Ideal World too, what a great idea to shop from your own home and see real life demonstrations of the items before you buy.

What is Ideal World?

I had never used Ideal World before and now I cannot live without it. It’s a shopping channel that you can find on ITV, Sky, Freeview and Virgin TV channels. So you won’t miss out. I love all of the different brands they have too – there is literally something for everyone. You can also buy items on their website now too, so you can watch the shows and buy online. With so many choices of Winter coats and boots you may need a cup of tea to sit back and watch all of the wonderful items on the TV. When I discovered the Joe Browns collection on the Ideal World website I was thrilled. I love Joe Browns and the Winter collection is fantastic.

Joe Browns boots

One of the other major benefits of Ideal World is that you can spread your payments, with their flexi payment system. It means you can buy the things you really love and need, budgeting for it appropriately.

Winter Coat

I love the Joe Browns coats, they are very different and I love that. I like to wear something that I don’t see on other people very often. They have some incredible designs and colours. I chose the Joe Browns Animal Jacquard Parka. Isla said it looks like something out of the Disney’s Descendants (her favourite) and this is quite possibly the best comment she could give me as she loves it. There is so much detail on this coat, it is beautiful and it is really warm too. It has the faux fur lining around the hood, embroidery on the body and arms of the coat and an animal print design. This coat is currently £90 and a great warm parka for Winter. I really like the high neck too, it zips up and keeps me nice and warm.

Joe Browns coat

Winter Boots

These beautiful knee high boots are also Joe Browns. They lace up at the back and zip up the side, so they are really easy to get on and off. You have the control over how tight they are – which is perfect for when you wear them over tights or over jeans. The Joe Browns footwear is just so comfortable. I have a few pairs of their boots and I love them all. The styles are quite different to what I find on the high street and they keep my legs warm in this stormy weather. The buckle design on them is trendy too!

Joe Browns

Do you have a favourite Winter Coat and Boots? What do you think about Joe Browns and Ideal World? Have you ever bought anything from Ideal World before? I would love to know in the comments or on social media, just search for Mummy Constant!

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Last Update: Monday, 17th February 2020