It’s been a lovely Summer, full of lots of fun family trips that have given us wonderful memories and I really enjoy that transition from Summer into Autumn. The air starts to cool, the leaves start to crisp and the landscape really changes. Sweaters come out from the back of the wardrobe. Because it’s my favourite time of year I thought I would give you some of my favourite tips to getting ready for Autumn.

Autumn home decor

When it turns, officially, Autumn I get the Autumnal Wreath out of the attic and the Autumn home decor. I have a garland for under the mantlepiece, pumpkin decorations that get scattered around the house and I buy a new Pumpkin Spice candle every year. The house looks so warm and inviting during this period, the warming colours really make it feel cosy. I get the decor from all over, online and instore shops. I got these candles from Homesense and the Pumpkins were from an online shop I found on Instagram.

Style up your Summer wardrobe

I think I can get another month out of my Summer sandals, wearing them with warmer clothes and the kids haven’t stopped wearing their Crocs from ShoeZone. My Skechers Bobs Black Desert sandals are so comfortable and really easy to get on and off too (it’s velcro on the strap). I have never had such comfortable sandals. I will be wearing them at every opportunity I can over the Autumn.

Noah and Isla had Crocs on holiday, Noah had the multi coloured Crocs but Isla’s came with lining so she is happy that she can wear them in the Summer and in the colder months. She currently wears her multi graphic lined Crocs to Gymnastic at the weekends and Swimming Lessons and if we go anywhere that doesn’t involve a scooter basically! They are really practical and not just for Summer!

Wearing dresses with sweaters and trainers is another wonderful trend at this time of year. I love seeing all the patterns and colours together. I get inspiration from seeing what everyone is wearing on social media.


Blistex, a global leader in lip care and lip health, have UK launched ‘Restore’ the latest lip balm from the Blistex ‘Lip Infusions’ range. ‘Restore’ joins the hugely popular Lip Infusions range, launched in summer 2021. ‘Hydration’ and ‘Nourish’ recently received industry plaudits when each product picked up two awards at the Beauty Bible Awards 2021. They are perfect to keep your lips cared for this Autumn. Blistex Lip Infusions ‘Restore’ are available in selected Boots stores and online at as well as from July 2022. RRP: £2.99.

I would love to know if you have any fun tips on getting ready for Autumn in the comments below. Autumn is my favourite month and especially Halloween! I am looking forward to wearing my witches sweater again!

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