The answer is a resounding, yes! Fashions come and go whether they be for apparel, interiors or even food. Some are best left in the past (kipper ties anyone?), but others never truly go out of style and will still be fashionable in years to come. A vintage door is clearly here to stay.

There has never been a more forgiving time for different styles to be appreciated in all their glory and can be adopted into your home; however, you see fit. There are so many ways to adorn your home with fashions from across the ages and doors are one way to make that bold statement. We take a look at different ways to bring vintage designs into the dawn of this new decade – read on for more…

How to use vintage to your advantage

Traditional and vintage styles, dependent on their era, can be very extreme from ornate carvings to bold and vibrant prints. Adorning your home in full vintage chic would take not only a specific eye to get it right but would also mean that your house would look quite extreme and perhaps even old-fashioned. One way to bring vintage into your interior design is to accessorise with it in key pieces. This could be a Pucci print on your cushions, or a reclaimed and recovered chaise longue in your bedroom. It could be repainted, original cornicing or even restored Victorian tiles in your hallway. Often, there needs to be very sympathetic contemporary décor surrounding these original pieces to support these vintage styles but one era which has a forgiving feel is that of art deco. And ways to bring this into your home is by introducing mirrors and 1930s doors – these will blend with a multitude of other styles to create a unique space for you to enjoy. 

It’s doesn’t have to be authentic to be real

If your budget doesn’t stretch to original antiques, then you’ll be pleased to know you have options. Firstly, there is a huge market for unique pieces that require some love and attention. If you can spare some time and have the interest, restoring or upcycling pieces will not only give you a ‘new original’, you’ll also get an incredible sense of personal achievement from creating something beautiful to have in your home.

There’s also the option to fake it! If it’s a style you’re trying out, or you can’t spend a lot of money or time on originals, you can source exquisite replicas online. If your main objective is the aesthetics, then you can buy new products which accurately mimic styles of the past without the concern of them having been pre-owned, overpriced or in need of a lot of attention to make them attractive again. 

If you are after cutting edge style, don’t discount vintage without first exploring the options. Individual traditional styles such as those from the art deco period look classic and chic and can blend well even with the most contemporary and hyper-modern surroundings.  

Do you have a vintage door in your home? Are you looking to create one from scratch? I would love to know in the comments below.

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Last Update: Monday, 17th February 2020