I am a little obsessed with Vinted at the moment. It’s the app everyone is raving about where you can sell and buy clothes, shoes and accessories. I have even seen toys and beauty products on it too. I have been using the app for a couple of months now and managed to make over £100 in selling clothes. I have also bought some fabulous items with the money I have made. Here are some of my tips in how to search for the right things and how to sell your items efficiently.

Take all the photos

Taking the right photos is absolutely imperative for a good sale. I have been burned by 1 piece of bad feedback because I didn’t take a photo of the details. I have a set pattern: I take a photo of the item as a whole (usually on a hanger on the back of a door) and then I take a photo of the label that shows the EXACT size. If the item has a defect, like a stain or a bit of fray, I take a photo of that too and include them all in my post. I had a situation where I didn’t take a photo of the size and the buyer said the size I had chosen in the app was wrong (which could happen easily) – a photo cannot lie and so it’s a bit of back up for if there is an issue.

The photos I take I do not edit at all and take them in natural light wherever possible, this means you get the true colours and quality:

Be clear what is in your bundles

It really frustrates me when people post a “bundle” of goods with one photo of the bundle of items and no description of the items. It means I have to ask what is in the bundle and what brands they are. Some people post a bundle of goodies and use the title as “Next girls t-shirt bundle” for example and when you ask what is in the bundle it will transpire there is only 1 Next t-shirt and the rest are a different brand. Therefore you are not getting a Next bundle. This makes you lose trust in the seller and therefore move on to another bundle. If you take the right photos and write good descriptions then you will most likely get a sale. I have just posted a bundle of Next t-shirts and I have taken a single photo of each t-shirt, along with the group, and the label of one (as they are all the same) and will explain this in the description of the bundle. If you look at the photo below, it is not clear what exactly is in the bundle – You have to ask yourself would you buy that?

Grab your postage bags

I bought a bulk load of postage bags on Amazon, I have larger, small and medium sized bags. I seem to use the 12 x 16 inch bags the most, you can grab a bundle using my special link: Amazon postage bags. I always buy postage bags that have a little colour to them, makes them a bit more interesting. It works out about 10-20p per bag, which in the grand scheme of things isn’t a huge loss on each purchase. Some people re-use delivery bags or use carrier bags that are lying around the house, if you have a lot to sell then it might be worth getting your bulk postage bags.

Annotate your postage bags

I keep a Sharpie by the postage bags and when I get an order I put a brief description on the postage bag and where I need to post it. I have been in the position on numerous occasions where I didn’t make a note of which parcel is which and when I get to the store I have had to feel and work out which parcel is which! This makes it much more efficient when you get to your courier point.

Specify your shipping preferences

When I first started using Vinted customers could choose to post via the Royal Mail, which is a little more inconvenient to me, it took me more time and I couldn’t print out the label in the store (I had to do it from home). So I found in the settings you can specify your shipping preferences and so I have chosen the places I don’t mind going to, like Evri and Yodel. This does mean some people might not purchase an item from you, but there is always the option for them to have it delivered to their house (albeit that does cost a little more for the customer).

Buying your new wardrobe

The good thing about selling your items is you can use the money to buy newer things for your wardrobe (or cash in the money to your bank). When searching for items it can be a minefield and so I have a few tips that make it a lot easier to find the right thing for you.

  • Filter your searches by condition (I always choose New Without Tags and Very Good Condition. These items are usually a little more pricey but not as expensive as those with tags.
  • Choose the sizes you are interested in as then it takes away the things that will not fit. It makes the available items less and easier to sort through.
  • Make an offer is a great tool. but you can only do this 5 times a day (I only found this out recently) so make sure you do this on the things you really want to buy and not to waste it!
  • Use your favourites as it helps Vinted to learn what things you like and then suggests more items for you when you log in again.

Check out my other fashion and beauty posts for more inspiration. Do you have any good tips for using Vinted? Or if you need a good deal online, check out and sign up to Scamp & Dude HERE to get 15% Off Your First Order.

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Last Update: Wednesday, 1st May 2024