When you go on holiday as a family it is so important that you have a great time and create those lasting memories, that stay with you forever. All of your senses come to life: the new smells, the air, the sounds and what you see all create a picture that is captured in your mind forever. Finding the right outfits can also help inspire these feelings; when we went to Spain I captured some wonderful holiday memories and when I look at my holiday dresses it makes me smile.

When I look at the photo of us as a family with the bright orange sky it really brings a huge smile out. We are wearing some of our new outfits that we got especially for our holiday. I did a virtual shop online and couldn’t believe how easy it was to filter and search for inspiration. Very have everything you could possibly need, I could even specify I wanted blue shorts for Daddy! I love it when online shopping is easy. I saved the Michelle Keegan red midi dress for our last evening, as I just loved it and it complimented my sun tan!

Some of my other favourite dresses from our holiday are the red very ruffle detail tunic dress which was perfect for around the pool and getting around at breakfast and lunch etc. And I just loved the very angel sleeve pleated skirt midi dress, it looked perfect and was super comfortable to wear. It also stopped my legs getting attacked by mosquitos!

These are all dresses I can wear again throughout Autumn and they give me all the feels when I see them hanging in my wardrobe. Reminding me of our lovely family holiday.

Daddy loved his everyday cut and sew t-shirt, it went with his navy half elastic twill waist bandshorts and his other clothes too. He wore the shorts with lots of tops throughout the holiday as they were smart and cooling in the hot Spanish evenings. The kiddies loved their new holiday clothes too, I love it when they get excited about what they are wearing. Noah loved his very boys skating cut & sew t-shirts (2 pack), his Converse core chuck patch tee and he pretty much lived in his Champion large logo hoodie! We only took 1 hoodie for the holiday as we knew it would be warm.

Isla is a lot like her Mummy, loves clothes shopping and loves new clothes. They just make you feel happy and confident. She has worn her ribbed tie waste playsuit ever since the holiday and loved it on holiday too. She loved the colour and said it was very comfortable. She saved her favourite dress for the last night too; daisy print woven dress and her other favourite was the khaki utility dress. Styling Isla up in dresses every night was fun, she loved dressing up for dinner and planning her outfits for the week was fun.

Re-using your holiday outfits

I love using dresses I chose for a holiday again, after the holiday, it helps me relive those precious holiday moments again and again. A beautiful Summer dress with boots and a jacket is a great way to style it up for Autumn. Throw some tights in the mix and you might just get away with that for Winter too. If there are items that can only be for a summer holiday abroad then we use vacuum storage bags and store them in the loft for next year!

What outfit is your favourite? I would love to know in the comments below, or if you have any outfit ideas for capturing those holiday memories. Check out my other fashion related posts.

Very sent me these clothes in exchange for my honest feedback. All photography is my own. #PRGifted.

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Last Update: Wednesday, 1st May 2024