Now I maybe biased, but this necklace from Daisy London is just gorgeous. It is called Isla shell. So as you can imagine it caught my attention. Does anyone else purchase jewellery with purpose? It has to mean something to me. This necklace is just perfect for our upcoming Spring holiday, which is what I chose it for.

When travelling I like to have something special to take with me, that will forever remind me of that holiday. I just love the way the shell is a perfect symbol of holiday. I also like to buy bracelets or a little keepsake whilst I am on holiday too. It’s nice to have something nice to trigger those happy, sunny, memories.

Necklace selfie

The Isla shell necklace is a beautiful piece of Jewellery made from sterling silver. The scallop shell is solid and the rope necklace is durable. I am forever replacing necklaces as the kids have pulled them or it’s got caught on something. This necklace is made to last. I love the fact the fish theme continues with the lobster clasp too!


This beautiful necklace is from Daisy London and costs £109. There is a whole Isla collection on their website to choose from. They are all themed with an underwater style too, from starfish to coral. This necklace will forever remind me of my little Isla, as it has her name in it mainly. They have some beautiful women’s necklaces.

Do you like to buy jewellery with a particular thing in mind? Or, do you just see what you like and grab it? I would love to know if you have any favourite necklaces or you go to place? What do you think about the rest of the Daisy London range?

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Last Update: Tuesday, 18th February 2020