Sometimes I like to have fun with images. I don’t do it very often but it is amazing what you can do with a photo using filters.

The first image is the edited version, I’ve added a #bokeh filter on it. I’ve used @pixlr for this. It adds an orangey colouring to the photo and enhances the sun rays.

The original, swipe left, is still good and has its own bokeh and sun rays shining on it. But is less orangey and doesn’t seem as bright. It’s still a good photo though.

I took this with my iPhone. Sometimes when I need a quiet moment, one where I can play with the filters and change the feel of a photo it helps me to unwind. Gives my brain 5 minutes to regain itself and then I’m ready to crack on with whatever it was!

Which one do you prefer? Just out of curiosity - there’s no right or wrong answer! 🤣


Sometimes I like to have...

I had a busy Sunday painting the dining room with @frenchicpaint. I think it’s fair to say I’m obsessed. I painted the radiator and skirting boards with Dazzle Me. It’s super bright white. I painted the door with City Slicker. It looks so much better than the dark wood it was before.

If you swipe left you can see the before photos. The radiator was a beige colour before. It’s amazing how much brighter the room looks, it’s easy to #transform a room with an hour or 2 of painting.

I styled up the dining room with this beautiful bouquet of Spring flowers (a very kind gift from a friend) and these items from @pricescandlesuk. They eliminate pet odours which is great as sometimes I worry my house smells “dog”. After an impromptu afternoon off work, looking after Isla who hurt her neck at dance club, I cleaned and cleaned. The house smells nice and clean now. The household candle and reed diffuser have added a nice citrus and thyme scent to the room.

It’s amazing what you can do to change the feel of a room with simple steps!


I had a busy Sunday...

#Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We aren’t all the same. Wouldn’t the world be a boring place if that was the case. Everyone has a viewpoint. Everyone has their own opinion.

However, I am a firm believer in “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all”. I think it’s really important to spread happiness, build confidence and support each other. Now my big cheesey smile isn’t like this everyday, sometimes I’m worn out and sometimes I’m feeling sad. But I’ve learnt how to offload, unwind and bring that smile back. It’s so important to be able to hit that reset button once in a while.

So, this week, try and do one of these things:
🤍 Make someone laugh, a big belly laugh
🤍 Tell someone they look amazing
🤍 Tell someone you love you are grateful for them

See how it makes you feel. To make someone else’s day. It’s euphoric. I will never forget the moment one of the Mums from the school run told me I completely picked them up out of a dark spot - just by telling them they looked amazing today as I walked past.

Take the time to appreciate. Honestly it’s THE best hobby!

On a little diverted note; I’m appreciating this coat and boots right now. So warm and comfy. Check out the details on my blog >>> #linkinbio


#ad Coat & Boots from and they are @joebrowns 🙌🏻

#Beauty is in the eye...

This might seem a little random after the sentiments in my last post. But bear with me... cleaning & #diy can help me with my mental health.

I’m not sure why but when I’m anxious, need to think or cross I clean. Like the deep clean stuff, it’s almost as if I get adrenaline from somewhere to give me the strength to scrub things that I wouldn’t normally. Or tackle something I wouldn’t normally.

On Thursday, whilst anxiously waiting to find out what was wrong with my grandma, I was shaving millimetres off Isla’s bedroom door. It was hard work but I didn’t want to just sit about.

Today I’ve painted the radiator and woodwork in our dining room with Frenchic. I now have a white and bright radiator and grey door. It looks so much better. Again, it’s something I can do whilst being lost in my thoughts.

Does anyone else do this?

Whilst promoting cleaning and mindfulness, check out my blog for a competition to win some goodies from @astonishcleaners #astonishingresults 

This might seem a little...

I’m sure I don’t need to tell you what beauty shared this on her instagram before Christmas:  @carolineflack you’ve broken my heart.

She was funny. Caring. Kind. Absolutely beautiful and that smile lit up the world. Not perfect. But who is? No one.

I can’t comprehend how someone of such radiance and sparkle can end their life. But I only assume her mental health was suffering. She felt so trapped that was her only way out. A way of ending the pain that nobody could see.

Mental health is invisible; yet mental health is all consuming. Mental health is complicated; yet mental health can be helped with a simple cup of tea and chat.

Smile on the inside and on the out.

Make time for yourself.

Love yourself.

Make time for others.

Be kind.

In a world where you can be anything, be kind  #bekind #ripcarolineflack

I’m sure I don’t need...

This is sheer appreciation. This man. My lobster 🦞. Who made me the scrummiest meal last night & dreamy Vegan brownies. Showered me with thoughtful gifts & my cute note (in my stories) I recieved in my lunch bag.

However, I was a complete emotional wreck yesterday as my Grandma was taken into hospital. She was distressed, confused and sounding a little slow. It was scary.

So the Valentine’s Day love went all to Grandma from my family; wishing & hoping they find out what’s wrong.

We’re currently waiting to find out if her BP has reduced. It was sky high. Hoping she’s better & I can bring her home today.

This photo was from last Summer when we went to @carluccios in Cambridge. I love it. Happy memories. I’m lucky to have these. Noahs a people watcher, he was distracted with the crowd. Incidentally Carluccio’s have the offer on again: kids eat for a £1... #appreciation #family #love #mummyphotoaday

This is sheer appreciation. This...

Happy Valentine’s Day 🤍

A lot to be thankful for today. Love is a big word. I love these two quotes and perfect for today.

Yes it’s about celebrating your life with your lobster 🦞(mine is rather amazing) but it’s also about family.

Family is not just an important thing. It’s everything. So true.

I don’t know where I’d be without my lobster and my family... I hung these beauts in our bathroom and I love them. They make me smile everytime I clean my teeth! Which helps 😂


#ad Prints are from @coulsonmacleod - so beautiful

Happy Valentine’s Day 🤍 A...

I love this new story corner I’ve created for Isla, with a little help from @vertbaudetuk. It is a gorgeous space and I couldn’t wait for her to get home and see it. She was so happy!

I love the large floor cushion, I want an entire room kitted out with them so I can just chill in the middle. It would be so cosy. Or even just #half a room! 🤍

Isla loves reading and so I thought this little corner would be perfect for her. She loves it.

I started with the floor cushion, I hung the coat rack for her monkeys and dressing gown and then I hung the shelves. They are so cute. I finished it all off with the mirror. I love all the colours and shapes. It really finishes off her room.

Who else wants the futon cushion? 🙋🏼‍♀️ #mummyphotoaday #ad

I love this new story...

Stocking up your cupboards for a healthy New Year

So the healthy fitness posts have started on social media, the celebrity videos are weaved in amongst the adverts on TV and everyone around me is thinking about diets and fitness programs. I think it’s important to get healthy, don’t get me wrong, but I think it’s important all year round. Not just for January. I thought I would put a few ideas together on what to stock in the cupboards for a healthy New Year, all year!

Stocking up the cupboards doesn’t mean, fill it with 5% less fat products. Most of the time these have more sugar in them and are best to stay away, look a little beyond the food too. Here are my top tips for a healthy New Year:

Self Care

With the NHS boosting self care, #SelfCare, it’s important to stock up on the right medicines to store in the cupboard. For example these two products can be purchased in your local Holland & Barrett: ImmunPRO & Silicea gastro gel. These two items are perfect to be kept for when they are needed. ImmunPRO creates a physical barrier in the mouth and throat against viruses. This time of year is renowned for viruses, especially as the children have gone back to school. It can be taken as a preventative or at the early signs of a virus, like a sore throat. I am keeping them nearby for the next month or so. Silicol gel is a great treatment if you have eaten too many Christmas Dinners over the festive period. It can treat heartburn, reflux and the symptoms of IBS.

Eat what you love

I do not agree with eating things that you dislike and not eating the things you love. For example, to lose weight you might think you need to give up sweet stuff. That’s not true. You can find a lot of healthy sweet treat recipes online, have a look at recipe books too and find some yummy meals with the foods you like.

Eat carbs after work outs

This is something I picked up from my husband when he was doing the 90 Day plan with The Body Coach the other year. He lost a lot of weight in the first 2 months and one of the factors behind this was he would eat carbs after a workout and eat low carbs on days he didn’t work out. This helps you feel less bloated too, all those Christmas Dinners for example leave you feeling rotund and sleepy. Eating like that all of the time will have it’s effects on your day to day routines. Stock up on low carb foods for meals: vegetables for example.

Batch cook

This is something we do at home, well my husband does as he is the chef. He whips up amazing food, like slow cooked chilli using Quorn mince and then after it’s cooled he puts it into to Tupperware and freezes it. Ready for when we want it. This is great as it is a low carb meal that is extremely tasty and ready to grab and defrost! Perfect for these cold nights too where you want warming comfort food. Well, I do. Have it with a helping of greens and grate some cheese on top or with a jacket potato and cheese if you have had a work out.

Vitamin boosts

Make sure you take the right vitamins. Make this become part of your daily routine. I now take Iron, Folic Acid, Vitamin C and a couple of other immune system boosting vitamins. On doctors orders too. I have been feeling really lethargic lately due to low iron and folate levels, so it just goes to show how important it is to make sure the balance is right in your body. If you are not feeling “normal” for you and you cannot self care, get checked out by your local GP. I had blood tests and that indicated clearly what was wrong.

If you have any more tips on what to stock the cupboards with this January to stay healthy all year and the New Year, please do share them with me in a comment below or on social media: @mummyconstant.



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Sunday 21 January 2018
Stocking up your cupboards for a healthy New Year

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