Little man cub today is the day,
we celebrate your special sixth birthday.
I remember holding you at 4 hours old,
wondering what life as a Mother would behold. six

It’s shown me caring, love and patience,
ever since I met your acquaintaince.
I have learnt to think of you,
put my needs before yours too.

Being selfless and understanding,
being calm when you’re demanding.
Being proud of your warm heart,
Being amazed at just how smart.

All these feelings you gave to me,
when you were born at one, zero, three.
Your dinky, fluffy head of hair,
the finger grip & baby stare.

I couldn’t be who I am without you,
my tiny little package of blue.
Dream high, reach higher & in the mix…
enjoy this year at being six.


Love you Noah Constant and I cannot believe you are 6 years old. Here are your other birthday posts from over the years: five years old, four years old, three years old, two years old and one years old.

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