It’s finally here, the little four, its crept up on us and is at our door. Many days and many nights, he’s been growing and has been a delight. He learns all day, he learns with pride, the beaming smile he just can’t hide. We love him so, you cannot deny, the happiness he gives us, why? Because he’s ours and because he’s a joy, my little Noah the birthday boy.



This month has been incredible, you can really see him trying to learn and trying to understand why he’s doing these things. His ability to explain what is wrong has also developed immensely. He explains things with a description now, it’s not just cold, it’s really very cold: it’s not just toast, it’s toast with chocolate on the top. The little bits that paint that better picture. He’s been practising his swimming without his armbands and really enjoying it. We are super proud.



Playtime is developing into playing creatively, much like last month. He builds large tracks with his Thomas trackmaster and you can hear him telling Toby and Thomas where they are going and why. It’s not just pushing trains around a track anymore. He has taken up football club but isn’t enjoying it as much as we’d hoped because he rarely touches the ball. Not fair, the big boys get it, is what he tells us.


Sibling love

You can see their love. You really can. But they still squabble over toys and mummy cuddles. I kind it will end one day. I’m sure it won’t be long either. You can hear Noah asking for a kiss goodbye, it’s so sweet. Or asking each other to hold hands. The best thing to hear though is that they’re best friends, which can be very quickly turned into “you are not my best friend anymore”… Not so nice to hear!




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