I have been receiving some really useful info in my BabyCenter UK newsletters recently. One of them being on sleep and how much sleep little ones should get a night & day time naps.

I would say its pretty close to Islas sleeping patterns, she usually sleeps 10 hours at night with a feed break in the middle and she also naps around 3/4 x's a day. Noah is pretty on target too for the 2 year old.

I've been pretty poorly the past week, so feel I've been a bit rubbish for my babies, but Isla helped mummy by being a good girl & letting her snooze. I'm quite lucky that she is a good girl, despite her tummy problems (which Colief is helping with). I haven't had her weighed lately, I really need to investigate where they hold weigh in, but she must be just over or sound the 11lb mark. It's still so tiny though, especially compared to what Noah was at this age. I can't believe she's nearly 4 months old already, the porridge and rusks are at the ready.

We are still practising grabbing and playing with toys, she's also been pulling her big brothers hair, but he doesn't seem to mind too much.


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Last Update: Thursday, 30th August 2012