Yes it is the New Year and just because it is January, the guilt over our consumption of so many mince pies will kick in. Not just mince pies either, I have eaten my body weight in puff pastry over the past few weeks with Hubby’s mushroom and stilton wellington. Delicious!  I guess we are all concentrating on how we are going to burn off those extra calories. But, while we’re busy working up a sweat, there’s one area that 61 per cent of us will forget to exercise – our pelvic floor!

Hubby and I decided not to renew our gym membership this year, I used by membership about eight times in total last year. Because I was out running in the country side or doing a 15 minute workout with The Bodycoach in the comfort of my own home. The pelvic floor exercise is the same too, it doesn’t have to be done at the gym. It isn’t a workout. Its an exercise you can do, anywhere and anytime. See, I am doing it here: 

All jokes aside though, you really do not have to worry about where you do it. No one will know. Could you tell that in the photo above I am doing my exercises? Lights by TENA sent me out a workout kit and part of that was getting in the mood for fitness and making me think about the preparation for exercise. Also, where I can fit in the pelvic floor exercises. 

I have a workout beauty routine, remove the sweaty make up afterwards and freshen up my hair with some dry shampoo. I downloaded some new motivational music to work out too with a £10 iTunes voucher and yes I did download the Trolls soundtrack. The music is perfect for a happy workout. I had my energy boosting snacks about half an hour before I did my workout with a rather strong coffee. Whilst drinking my coffee, I did my pelvic floor exercises quickly using the PFF app. Then after my workout I had a nice hot bath, lit the candles and soothed my body in a nice bubbly haven. 

It was blissful.

Light bladder weakness experts, lights by TENA, has an innovative app named ‘my pff’ (my pelvic floor fitness) which boasts subtle exercise reminders and bespoke programme settings to guide you through your pelvic floor exercises this season.   

With three difficulty levels to choose from, you can create your own exercise plan and gradually increase the strength of your pelvic floor muscles. Plus, up to six reminders can be set at one time, meaning you can hit snooze and complete the exercises at a time that suits you.

You can download the Lights by TENA my pff app in the App Store, its completely free. There is also an array of helpful information on their website, including bladder weakness which I think all Mummy’s get! Such a change we go through after giving birth to our bundles of joy. 

I would love to know when you do your pelvic floor exercises, share your #Squeezingselfie on social media too for a little bit of fun. 



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Last Update: Friday, 13th January 2017