Well we are now 19 weeks and I am starting to show “alot” theres no hiding from it anymore.
I am getting people stop me at work and say congrats that ive never spoken to before and random people notice now. Like the carwash people – who carried my bags back to the car as they said about the baby bump!! I suppose I should make the most out of it as in 4months time I will be a busy mummy.
9th June 2010
Weight: 8st 4lb (4lb difference since 2nd May (So 4 weeks)
Belly measurement: 86.5cms
Feelings this week: I feel more uncomfortable this week, I am weeing alot more frequently but little amounts. I am having problems bending down and over the bump etc, it is feeling “stretched”. 
Today at work I had to crouch down on the floor to access a cable and when I got up it felt a little weird – like I had just run for 20 miles. When I walked down the stairs it was hurting a lot again like I had run a long way and pulled my thigh muscles. Its been hurting all evening too. So I am guessing I have pulled them just by crouching to the floor.

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Last Update: Wednesday, 9th June 2010