Well I would say that Noah is now at the stage where he can put things together, so that you can understand what he is saying a lot better and of course what we think he’s trying to say- the guessing game is getting a whole lot easier.

We now say things like “here you are Isla” when he passes Isla a toy or her bottle. “More tea” “More lolly” has come in handy as we know when he wants more of a particular thing now or just the simple “more” when he doesn’t know what it is!

He has started to say “poor daddy/mummy/Isla” when we sneeze, or if Isla cries. Which I think is not only great in the fact he can say it, but it shows he understands when to say it. Very clever, when you break things down.

My favourite word at the moment is “bauble” he sounds terribly cute when he says it. If he takes a bauble off the tree it’s “bad bauble” or “bauble gone”. When daddy leaves the house he says “Daddy gone”, so again, he’s understanding when to say things, not just repeating our English.

At night time he will turn his tv on before bed and tells me that “cbeebies gone”, and he says bye bye to the channel. It’s quite amusing listening to him put things together now, obviously there is still a lot of gibberish and things I don’t think ill ever understand. But we are getting there.

Small words like a and it are coming out now too, he will say “a ball” and “it’s a ball” when he wants to tell you what he’s found. Words like a and it I just take for granted, I speak them all the time, yet it’s amazing me how Noah is learning through listening to us, how to use them in his own sentences.

We are still not saying a great deal of words, but we are adding to the list weekly. This week was tree man as we saw a tree with a face that moved on it, so obviously it was a tree man! Bauble was a new word when we put the tree up. He still says pretty much everyone’s names except grandad. He calls my grandma “Nanna gee” for some reason, but at least she’s getting an attempt. Grandad just gets silence where a names supposed to be. I am sure he will get there eventually, it’s just a case of being patient and waiting.

Biggest word with the most syllables I think is aeroplane still. Most used word is definitely more.

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Last Update: Wednesday, 19th December 2012