Well first things first, how much do I weigh this week:

Its quite amusing for me to see the 9st marker on the scales, I have never weighed anything over 8st in my life. So this is fun.

The last trimester is baby putting on weight, from what Ive read. So I am only going to gain more llbs as the weeks go on.

We have a midwife appointment on Friday, blood tests and check up – lots of movement still so fingers crossed things are all running smoothly.

Had another baby dream last night, it was early… it was a little girl and was sooo tiny. When the midwife gave me her to hold – i fell on the floor as i was scared of dropping her and didnt know how to hold her… its just made me realise how far away things could be happening and that I have no idea what to do with any of it. How do you hold a baby? How do you feed a baby? How how how!!!

Antenatal class next week is going to be a big “suck it up” and learn experience.

PS = NO, I do not know the sex of the baby at all. It was just a dream haha!

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Last Update: Tuesday, 17th August 2010