Noah was sent a Non-Spill cup with Dual Handles from mOmma and he absolutely loves it and so does mummy; it really is non-spill! The dual handles are very “handy”, Noah just grabs the handles and runs around with the cup all over the lounge and then he stops and takes a few sips of water.

The nib of the cup is white silicone which is great because it looks stylish with the rest of the cup and doesn’t look like it is going to be soft; its very comfy to drink from and Noah had no problem getting the hang of this. The round shape of the cup is great for keeping the little ones entertained, Noah does like to put his cup down and watch it rocking from side to side. It is also good for when you put the cup on the side and if it doesn’t get put down properly, some cups would fall over and roll off of the surface; this will rock into position!

The great thing I like about this cup is that the point of suction never comes into contact with the surfaces the cup is placed, therefore making it very hygenic! This is great for our house as we have the 2 dogs and the fluffy cat, I can never guarantee that every surface in my house is 100% totally clean – mainly because the animals and Noah are just everywhere, all of the time.

mOmma products are extremely stylish and look great, I have had lots of comments from friends and family about where I got it from as it is “pretty cool”. The other products from mOmma look equally as stylish and functional, some great ideas and designs put together to make dinnertime / drinktime less messy.

To view the other fabulous and stylish mOmma range, visit the mOmma website:

The cup retails at around £5.99 and can be found on Amazon 

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Last Update: Wednesday, 9th January 2019