Ive been catching up with One Born Every Minute and just watched the episode where Myleen Klass opens the birthing pool unit at the Leeds hospital, I am lucky to live near a hospital that also has birthing pools in a midwife led unit.

With Noah I really wanted to use a birthing pool, a bath was so relaxing to me and I still have one every single night with this pregnancy too; but when I started having contractions with Noah and they told me to get in the bath it felt really wrong and uncomfortable. I can only guess that it was because of the position that I sat in when I got into the bath, it felt un-natural and uncomfortable. As soon as I sat down, I said to hubby “I want to get out, get me out” and I was out of the bath in what felt like minutes! Doesn’t really bode well for wanting a water birth now does it?

When I got to hospital, I was told the midwife led unit was not available because there was not enough staff, so I didn’t get the chance to use a birthing pool and experience if the water would be a natural pain reliever for me, as it had been throughout pregnancy and whether or not the birthing pool would have felt different to a bath or not.

This time around I haven’t really thought about my birthing plan, until now! Yes 3 and a half weeks before baby is due for arrival, I haven’t been as prepared this time around, as you can imagine. I still want to give the birthing pool a go, but after Noah’s birthing complications I am not sure if they will let me use the pool. As of this Saturday coming, we will be 37 weeks, so if I remember rightly I will be able to use the birthing pool as of then – but will it make me feel uncomfortable like the bath did? Water, especially hot water, has been such a relief to me throughout this pregnancy and even more so 2nd time around because of the SPD, pain in my pelvis.

I think I will speak to hubby about our birthing plan and get something at least a little planned, ready for the new arrival.

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Last Update: Wednesday, 11th April 2012