Educational games are extremely popular with parents right now; kids get to enjoy playtime, while their parents rest assured that they are still learning something useful. But even though most of these fun, educational games involve computers and technology, that doesn’t mean that classic children’s games have nothing valuable to teach your children. Granted, some games should be avoided for the sake of keeping peace within the family – Monopoly comes to mind – but there are other classic games that still teach your children timeless lessons.Puzzles

All children are budding artists, engineers, and designers, but they have to start early in order to hone those skills. Jigsaw puzzles are an effective way to develop children’s advanced spatial skills, and for older kids, manipulating small puzzles pieces help the development of fine motor skills, which are linked to hand eye-coordination. If your kids are getting a bit old for the basic puzzles, you can take the to the next level with smaller puzzle pieces, or with 3D models to add a whole new dimension to the activity.


Yes, we would all love to avoid the epic fights that have been declared over Monopoly, but that doesn’t mean you should completely disregard its value. Besides giving kids practice in making correct change, Monopoly is a fun way to teach such grown-up concepts as saving, budgeting and financial planning. Plus the random element, such as “Go directly to jail!” teaches your child how to adapt to sudden changes. There aren’t many other games out there that give such an accurate portrayal of real life. As an added bonus, it will – hopefully – teach your children diplomacy, patience, and that, although life sometimes isn’t fair, you can’t use that as an excuse to fight other people.

Solitaire Bliss

If you love a classic game of Solitaire, then check out the online version at Solitaire Bliss. Not only entertaining but also help kids improve their memory and cognitive abilities while on the go. It’s an excellent way to relax and relieve stress and anxiety, thereby improving your overall health. Check out their other 36 free-online versions of strategic games too: Yukon, 40 Thieves, and Mind Games.

Doll’s houses

There’s something about doll’s houses that has made them stand the test of time. Perhaps it’s having power over something small, or just an admiration for the detail that goes into even the cheapest models. But aside from an appreciation of the tiny Dolls House Furniture, playing with these houses does have some educational benefits for all children It can spark their imagination, teach them how to keep a house tidy, and it even teaches them perspective. This family might be completely made up, but there are other families inside other houses that are also leading lives completely different to their own. By understanding that they don’t know everything that goes on behind closed doors, children learn to reserve judgement, and learn empathy for strangers.


It might not be the most exciting game for young children, but Scrabble is an excellent way to practice their spelling and ABC’s without feeling like they’re being tested. As long as they know how to use a basic dictionary, there is no reason why they and their peers can’t play this game with minimal supervision. It will boost their confidence with spelling, and even teach them how to add up their score. Be sure to have a prize ready for the winner.

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