Before baby número 2 joins the Constant household we wanted to make sure that his room was a safe place for a toddler, especially because he has the 2nd floor “Penthouse” all to himself. Obvious risks are the stairs as his door is a sliding door, not a conventional doorway and it is slightly narrower than regular door frame sizes in houses, other safety issues we faced was being able to hear him, hear when he falls out of bed or when he wakes up etc, so a good monitor was something that had to be in place and then in part of the transformation of getting Noah from his cot to a toddler bed, is having a bed guard on the side of the bed so that he doesn’t just roll out in the night on to the floor. We were extremely lucky to work with Lindam and get Noah’s room safe and sound, with some of their fantastic products.
We were sent the Lindam Extending Wooden Safety Gate because this not only fixes into the doorframe by way of “screws” so I know it is totally secure, it was one of the only gates that would fit the narrower door frame. We chose the Lindam Clarity Digital Audio Monitor to keep ears on him whilst he is snoring away in his penthouse and finally we were sent the Lindam Safe and Secure Soft Bed Rail in blue.

The Lindam Extending Wooden Safety Gate
We chose this gate because Noah’s room is the top floor of the house, loft conversion and his bedroom door is literally at the top of a flight of stairs and his door frame is slightly smaller than the average door. This safety gate is one of the only ones that can fit into a smaller door frame, it fits frames as small as 61 cms which is perfect for Noah’s room. The other thing that we liked about this gate is that you have to attach it to the door frame by drilling it to the actual frame, other Lindam safety gates have the pegs that you can extend by twisting the bolts etc which are perfect for when you are using the gates around the house, but because we were concerned that Noah will be leaning on the gate at the top of a flight of stairs – we wanted it to be “extra” safe. Grandad installed the gate and he advised it was well written out in the instruction book, so the gate was ready and Noah proof within 30 minutes. 20120412-071047.jpg
To use the gate you have 2 security functions with it too, not only do you close the gate and slot the fixtures together you have a little lock on the top which stops the fixtures from coming apart – so another added security feature. It really has put my mind at ease and I am confident to go to bed at night knowing that if Noah was to get out of bed and walk to the door, he would not be able to get out and fall down the stairs. I would recommend this to anyone that needs that extra security and for all other door frames too!

The Lindam Clarity Digital Audio Monitor
We have had our fair share of monitors over the 17 months and this is our first Lindam product and it is so much better than all the others we have tried, I cannot explain enough how much of a relief it was to have a monitor that was not going to die in the middle of the night, keep us awake all night with white noise and just do its job, perfectly! This monitor does exactly what it says in the name, it really is clear and it has this great little technique of picking up noise when it is made and then letting you hear it.
So for example when Noah doesn’t make any noise, or the room is empty, the monitor is completely silent – you wouldn’t know that it was on. This is great for when the whole household are sleeping at night time, as you do not need to hear the monitor going off. Although it is very quiet when there is no noise, as soon as Noah does wake up or stirs in his sleep it comes into action and we can hear him extremely clearly. I have no doubt that I would miss anything happening up in Noah’s room and I am really happy with the battery life of the parent handset. We have it downstairs with us all evening, off charge and it never runs out of battery and I also have it downstairs with me in the afternoons when Noah naps. It really is the best monitor and I will not consider using anything other than Lindam for our monitoring needs from now on. Getting a decent nights sleep at the moment is so important, it has transformed the Constant household.

The Lindam Safe & Secure Soft Bed Rail
Keeping Noah safe in his toddler bed and making sure he cannot roll out in the middle of the night is another thing that was on my mind when we decided to make the transition from Cot to Bed. I was really worried that he would just roll over and fall flat on his face and hurt himself, admittedly it isn’t a great fall, but nevertheless if it can be prevented then I wanted to prevent it! The bed rail is so easy to set up, even a 8 month pregnant lady can put this together as I tackled it myself. I was quite proud. It fits in Noah’s toddler bed on the shortest setting and extends to fit wider beds too, so there isn’t a limit on what bed you can use this rail on.
It has 2 fixtures either side of the rail that means you can lower and raise the bed rail, so that when Noah is going to bed and asleep we put the rail in an upright position and when its time to get out of bed we can lower the rail and Noah slides out.
The bed rail has added an extra value to our bedtime routine, it gives the illusion of the cot and Noah has not tried to escape his bed and doesn’t even attempt to get out of it in the mornings, he waits for us to come up and lower the rail – even though he knows that the rail can come down. Its great!

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