#FitnessTuesday – my HIT session

As mentioned last week, I flopped out of doing exercise a little bit (look at that dusty kettle bell) and now I am trying to get back in the game. For one it makes me feel energised doing all this exercise and two, it makes my back ache less. Strangely. I am starting up on the HIT sessions again and I need to do four sessions before next Tuesday. 



My HIT session

I am doing 10 reps of these four exercises, with a minute break in-between each cycle. I am doing it for half an hour and yes I am exercising to VEVO on my apple TV box! Music makes me happy, keeps my beat, keeps me focussed. 

  1. Kettle bell raise – lifting the kettle bell above my head and then swinging it in-between my knees. Making sure to bend my knees on the swing. 
  2. Mountain climbers – hands on the floor and pull your knees up to your tummy, like you are running up a mountain. 
  3. Lunge jumps – Not sure what the technical term for this is but doing a deep lunge, then jumping from one leg to the other. 
  4. Press ups – I am useless at these so I do the version with my knees on the floor and feet crossed. It is still a mission to do them then. 
  5. A minute break. 

I am linking up with Fitness 4 Mamas again this week, for #FitnessTuesday. Check out the other fitness posts, the perfect way to gather up some inspiration. 

Fitness 4 Mamas

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  • Lisa
    June 2, 2015

    Hi Sonia, well done for getting back in the game! We all go off the rails and life gets in the way but getting back on the horse (as they say – or someone said, I think) is how it’s done. So well done you! btw, your little ones are adorable! 🙂 Lisa xx

  • Good luck – sometimes beating your mind is the hardest part about exercise isn’t it? #fitnesstuesday

  • Good to hear you are back in the game! Love your little fitness routine above. I have never done anything with weights, and could really do with strengthening and toning my arms. Thanks for linking again! #FitnessTuesday

  • A fab workout! I agree that music is a big motivator! #TuesdayFitness 🙂 x

Tuesday 2 June 2015
#FitnessTuesday – my HIT session

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