Easy ways to exercise with your little one

From making yourself look presentable to having time for that second morning coffee, having kids can often leave you with less spare time than you’d like. While we all know how important it is to keep fit, many parents struggle with fitting time for a workout into their busy schedule. When it comes to children, however, physical exercise is even more vital for growth and development, and should be encouraged as much as possible. If you and your child are in need of some fun ways to stay active, take a look at these easy exercise ideas to help you both stay fit and healthy!

Go on a hike

Walking is one of the easiest ways to keep fit, as it can be done in any place and requires minimal effort. If you live near a scenic walking route, you should definitely make good use of this by taking your little one for regular hikes and walks. Your child will love exploring nature, and you can even turn this into a game by challenging yourselves to reach a certain number of steps.

Take a dance class

Dancing is a brilliant way to keep fit as it’s super fun as well as keeping you active! Many centres or dance schools offer family dance lessons that let you dance and bond together. If you struggle to find a family dance class, however, taking separate classes is still beneficial to both yourself and your child, and allows you to learn whatever dance style you’ve always wanted to. To make sure your little one looks the part, make sure you shop for the perfect pair of children’s dance shoes ready for their first lesson.

Go ice skating

With the Winter fast approaching, there’s no better time than to take your little one for a spot of ice skating! While already being a fun filled day out, ice skating also keeps you and your child fit, and helps develop coordination, balance, and joint flexibility – all of which are important for an active lifestyle as your child grows older.

Try trampolining

You’ve likely heard the benefits of trampolining for fitness and weight loss, and since your child will likely ‘jump’ at the chance to spend some time on a trampoline, it makes the perfect exercise! The good news is that you don’t need to have a trampoline of your own to participate in this activity, as there’s often trampoline centres you can go to with your child to fit in a few fun hours of this brilliant cardio alternative.

Rave on

Going on a night out or to a rave and dancing all night is probably one of the best ways to sneakily exercise, but did you know you can now take the kids along with you? Family raves are a growing trend of events held around the country that let you and the kids experience the atmosphere of a real rave. Aside from being a fun way to get active, many of these events also offer face painting, fancy dress, play areas, licensed bars for the grown up’s and some top DJ’s.


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Easy ways to exercise with your little one

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