As Autumn approaches the days get shorter, the night’s darker and the temperature starts to drop. You might already be thinking about creating an Autumn/Winter wardrobe for your child, but have you started thinking about the ways you can alter their living space ready for the new season? Creating that ultimate child’s bedroom feel for Autumn. Take a look at these top tips on how you can get your child’s bedroom Autumn ready with just a few simple steps.

Add some cosy furnishings

Getting cosy is what Autumn’s all about, making it the perfect time to fill your child’s room with all things soft and fluffy. Think furry rugs, thick knit throws, soft cushions and cuddly toys placed around your child’s room for an inviting and comfortable feel.

Create a reading den

There’s nothing better than snuggling up with a good book in the colder months, and since children are constantly feeding their imagination, a reading den makes the perfect addition to their space. For this, you can invest in a mid sleeper bed with tent that has space underneath for the perfect den. Fill the space with blankets, cushions, a bean bag chair and a small bookshelf filled with your child’s favourite books, and they’ll have the ideal cosy spot to curl up in on those rainy days!

Switch up their bedding

Colder nights mean the need for more warmth in the bedroom. A big part of how warm your child is at night all comes down to the type of bedding used, so switch up cotton sheets used in summer for bedding in linen and flannel materials. If you don’t feel the need to shell out for new sheets however, consider layering up your child’s bed with a high quality throw that will keep them warm on cold nights, or can be easily removed when the weather’s more warm.

Hang some thick curtains

In order to keep the heat in the room, curtains in a thick material work wonders and also come in some beautiful styles. Pick a pair of curtains with a slightly darker and Autumnal colour palette (think dark green, maroon or soft deep grey) and aim for a material that feels strong and durable. Paying a little extra on high quality curtains means they can be used when next Autumn arrives too, saving you some time and money in the long run.

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Last Update: Tuesday, 19th September 2017