Now is the time of year when we face up to the reality that the time that we’ve spent out and about over summer has meant that we’ve neglected our household chores, and why not? Summer is the time to enjoy the milder weather, the longer days and the sunshine; however, Autumn is the time that we can prepare our homes for the Winter ahead. Here are 4 ways to freshen up our homes in preparation for the colder months ahead.

  1. Deep clean

Autumn is the time when even the spiders get a little chilly, and head into our homes to avoid the cold. The increase in spider activity means that we invariably have more cobwebs that need removing, so as you dust and clean your house, open up the windows and get the fresh air circulating. Take every opportunity you can to open the windows as it won’t be long before you have the central heating on, and you won’t want to lose your precious heat then!

  1. Declutter

As you move into your autumn/winter wardrobe staples, it’s the time to audit the family’s summer clothes. Before you pack the summer clothes away, make sure that they’re tried on before they get stored. There will be t-shirts, shorts and dresses that no longer fit your children, and unless you need to hold onto them for a younger sibling, you have no reason to hold onto them – you can sell them, donate them or give them to friends who have children who will make use of them next summer. Don’t restrict your decluttering to clothes, go through your children’s toys and remove any that are broken, unused or unwanted.

  1. Gardens

Take full advantage of the last few glorious dry days and treat your shed and wooden fence to protect them from the extreme Winter weather. Take time to make space in your shed or garage for your garden furniture if you overwinter them inside. Cut back dead foliage and fruited canes, but be careful to leave the young stems for next year. Your pond will need attention too. Undertake a partial water change and remove some of the sludge and debris from the bottom that will have collected over the growing season. Check your pond’s filter is adequate to survive Winter as your fish still need to have aerated water during the cold months. If you’re in doubt as to whether you have the right equipment to ensure their survival, seek advice from Water Garden – you don’t want your pondlife to die.

  1. Paint

Before Winter arrives fully, spend a little time touching up the paint work. This is a job that you won’t have wanted to do over the Summer, but it’s ideal for Autumn; it may be wet outside but you can have your windows open for ventilation. If you’re having a full house over the festive season you’ll want the house to be looking its best – besides, little hand prints have a habit of making an appearance and need to be removed regularly.

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