Isla’s Plasticine & Unicorn themed birthday party

Like most of the family and friends that received the invite for a Plasticine & Unicorn party, you are probably laughing out loud right about now. But it worked, I promise you. We had the rainbow colours, inspired by Plasticine Softeez and the Unicorn fits in with the rainbow theme as well – there is your link! We had a family party last weekend and her friends over for fun with Plasticine yesterday. Lots of fun was had too and everyone loved their goody bags. Win! 


Day 1 of #12DaysofConstantChristmas win bundle worth £100

We are back for another year of fabulous advent competitions, Day 1 of #12DaysofConstantChristmas and I am very excited to be back offering some amazing prizes again. Over the next 11 days there will be a collection of 24 hour competitions followed by Day 12, the finale competition – that is a longer competition and for a bigger prize. Today’s bundle is worth nearly £100.

Making our family home – Isla’s bedroom makeover

As you know we moved into our new home back in January and it has been a very busy time making our family home. We finally, thankfully, managed to get the children’s bedrooms carpeted over bank holiday weekend and this kicked off a trail of events. Once the carpet was complete, we could build Isla’s new furniture and make her bedroom just right. I absolutely love her bedroom; it would have been a dream bedroom for me growing up. Isla is 7 tomorrow and what a perfect time to finish off her beautiful space. 

2019 photo challenge April day 9

Today’s keyword for the #mummyphotoaday photo challenge, April day 9, is “colourful”.
Happy Unicorn Day… how will you be spending the day? Isla likes to spend it dressed up as a unicorn. She’s got such an imagination and I just love that! When I think of unicorns I think of magical and #colourful. Anything goes really. The limitations are your imagination! My earliest memory of unicorns is from the movie Legend, with Tom Cruise. Has anyone else seen that? Not one for Isla right now as it’s quite dark! I’d love to know what you’re doing for #nationalunicornday 🦄 #mummyphotoaday

Use the unique code MUMMYCONSTANT to get 50% off unicorn goodies. Like this: Unicorn Headband=

October photo challenge day 14 #MummyPhotoaDay

Today’s keyword for the October photo challenge day 14, is “walk”. It wasn’t quite #walk weather today, it completely hammered it down all day. Which was nice in a way as we got to play indoors and have fun together. Daddy went out on a “non strenuous” bike ride and came back absolutely drenched! The kiddies have been really good today. They’ve played and entertained themselves and they haven’t been any trouble at all. Whilst I got to play with my new video editing software: unicorn video on YouTube if you’re interested. It’s been a lovely weekend and I’ve been full of gratitude… #mummyphotoaday

Keep your nails glam this Summer with Le Mini Macaron

If you haven’t see a Le Mini Macaron yet then you haven’t lived! This is the MUST HAVE beauty gadget for any busy family. As much as I love going to a salon to get my nails prettied up, I cannot do this frequently due to time and cost. So when I found out about the Le Mini Macaron kits I just had to try it and I am so glad I did. It’s a great way of getting salon glam nails at home. 

How to throw a children’s birthday party (without breaking the bank)

There’s nothing better than a birthday party when you’re young. Not only are there presents, but you’re also surrounded by friends and family, and they’re all there to see you! Nothing quite beats being the centre of attention when you’re young. Adversely, nothing is quite as daunting for a parent when it comes to throwing their child’s birthday. Not only is the organisation a total nightmare, but there’s also the question of cost. No matter how large or small your party budget might be, there are a number of ways that you can reduce both the stress and the impact on your bank account.

A summer of fashion and fun #FashionWorld

I love Summer and kitting the children out with beautiful Summer dresses, shorts and lightweight footwear. There are some amazing fashion collections out there for children, cute and stylish! I had great fun planning some outfits for the children on the website. They really do have a great selection of items, including toys to keep them occupied. It’s a great one stop shop for getting Summer ready! 

The cosiest homes need the cosiest things

Your home is meant to be the most comfortable place on earth. That’s how you want it to feel. You want it to be somewhere so marshmallowy, you actually look forward to getting home four days into every holiday. You want it to wrap you in a big warm cuddle after a rough day at work and you want it to make your kids feel like life is nothing but rainbows, unicorns, and sugar-coated chocolate bars. We all want the cosiest homes, right? 

Exciting children’s stories from Julia Donaldson

We recently received two fabulous children’s stories written by Julia Donaldson: The Ugly Five and Zog and the Flying Doctors. They are both brilliant books and illustrated by Axel Scheffler, the kiddies recognise the drawings from The Gruffalo. I love seeing them excited to read a story and listen to the conversation that they have between them. It sparks off their imaginations. 

The Good, The Bag & The Lovely #Paperchase

With the kiddies returning to school last week. I had to feature some of the amazing products from Paperchase. I squealed when Noah and Isla received their goody’s. Monkeys and Bananas for Noah. Unicorns and Hello Kitty for Isla. I am in love with the themed back to school items at the moment. I really wish I had fun stuff like this when I was a kid. I secretly do want Isla’s lunch box to take to work with me. That’s OK. Isn’t it?

Getting school uniform ready with John Lewis

If, like me, you are a working Mum that has just over 2 weeks to kit the children out with their new school uniforms (replace the scuffed shoes, torn edged trousers and chewed jumper sleeves!) you will want to get as much as you can in a “one stop shop”. John Lewis is just that. John Lewis challenged me to find everything I need in their school uniform shop, and I managed to get everything I needed for under £100.

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