Isla loves unicorns, so when we were sent My Unicorn Garden she yelped with excitement. I thought it was only right to share this fabulous toy review on National Unicorn Day! So the idea of this grow & play toy is that you put all the pieces together and watch the grass grow. All you need is soil. Isla absolutely loved it. 

Unicorn magic is very powerful, especially when daylight fades and turns to night. These wonderful gardens are brilliant to let your child’s imagination run wild and dream of unicorns roaming around your home. The unicorn garden is perfect if you have a little lover of the horned creature and Fairy Belle. 

Setting up the My Unicorn garden 

There is a really easy to use instruction booklet that helps you set up your garden in the correct way. Setting up the arch and well, and creating the bunting. The bunting was the trickiest part for Isla but she managed it perfectly. It took her some time as she concentrated, she really wanted to make sure it was done just right. 

We sowed the seeds on the 17th March and within a week the grass had shot up. It needs watering around once a week to keep it nice and healthy. You can add more seeds if the grass dies too, so you can keep growing your unicorn garden every year. The garden kit comes with an arch, well, bunting, mushroom, mouse, unicorn, Fairy Belle, rainbow pebbles, plastic flowers for decoration and a bottle of fairy dust. The only thing you need to complete the garden is a good few handfuls of soil. 

You can see all the fairy garden range on their website. They are a great idea to get little ones experimenting with their green fingers. I would love to know what you think in the comments below… 

Creating our garden in photos

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Last Update: Thursday, 19th July 2018