Isla received a Poopsie Unicorn to review and she was so excited. You may remember the kiddies had some fun making slime with Poopsie before. She loved the big tub and her face lit up when she saw all the blind bags included. The unicorn doll inside is super cute and is perfect as a toy alone, but you get to make magic slime on top. This is a perfect gift for any little girl. 

The best way to show off this fabulously magical toy is to show you. In the video above Isla is demonstrating how to use the Poopsie Unicorn toy, Rainbow Brightstar. Firstly what you get inside and then how to make the slime. It’s a lot of fun and we hope the video will help others be able to make their very own slime too. There is a door at the back of the unicorn that helps you to clean her, so you can get perfect slime every time. It takes about an hour to unbox, make the slime and wait for it to set. You may need to help your child. Isla needed a little help and she is 6. We hope you have as much fun as we did… 

Poopsie Unicorn in photos

This Poopsie Unicorn is RRP £49.99, you can get it from Smyths, The Entertainer and Argos. Isla just loves it. She had so much fun making the slime and she loves the unicorn as a doll too. There are even more to collect too, which one would you like

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Last Update: Sunday, 2nd June 2019