TOMY reveals the top toys every child is ho-ho-hoping to find under the tree this Christmas. Christmas is a magical time for the family. For many, there is nothing better than spending time with loved ones, making memories, indulging in delicious food, playing games and exchanging gifts. Helping to ensure this Christmas is unforgettable, leading toy manufacturer, TOMY, has revealed its top picks of toys and games expected on every wish list to Father Christmas… and all under £50!

From last-minute stocking fillers and fun-filled games to keep family and friends entertained, to that all-important gift under the Christmas tree, TOMY will guarantee there’s a perfect gift for little ones and big-kids alike this year.

Sensational Stocking Fillers

A purple cow toy with a box

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Hey Clay Animals 3 Can Assortment

Unleash your inner clay artist this Christmas season! Prepare to be amazed by the creative possibilities with this range of individual captivating animal clay characters. Download the free, easy to follow, app for interactive, 3D step-by-step instructions. It’s safe for children aged 3 and up, as the clay is lightweight, non-sticky, non-toxic, and stain-free.

A box with three small containers of paint

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Get ready to learn authentic clay art techniques as you delve into the world of spheres, cylinders, facial features, textures, and much more. Each of the animal claymate kits includes three vibrant cans of colourful clay. After completing your masterpiece, the clay dries within 24 hours, ensuring a lasting creation.

There are 6 different animal claymate kits to collect, including: Piggy, Horse, Cow, Doggie, Sheep and Rabbit!

RRP: £3.99. Suitable for ages: 3years+. Stockists include: Boots, Sainsbury’s, Happy Puzzle, Smyths Toys

A red box with a red cover

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Active Snap

Get ready for a jolly Christmas with Active Snap, the ultimate festive card game! It’s a twist on the classic and much-loved game of Snap. Here’s the deal: players take turns flipping cards, and when the same card appears twice, the quickest player to shout “snap!” collects all the cards. In Active Snap, winning a round means you get to have a hilarious and lively time. Each beautifully illustrated card features a colourful activity that everyone else must do when you win. Imagine jogging on the spot for 40 seconds, doing 20 sit-ups, nailing 40 squats without toppling, impressing everyone with a perfect plank, trying out some star jumps, or even having a spontaneous dance-off! Each card specifies the exercise duration or repetitions. The game goes on with multiple rounds, and the player left with no cards (and their dignity intact) becomes the ultimate champion. Active Snap isn’t just about winning; it’s about the laughs and enjoyment along the way. It’s a quick and easy game to pick up, making it perfect for players of all ages. Plus, its compact size means you can take the fun with you wherever – whether it’s to the park, school, the beach, or wherever your holiday adventures lead you. Rain or shine, Active Snap will get everyone, young and old, off their bums and into the festive spirit!

RRP: £5.99. Suitable for ages: 4+ years. Stockists include: Independents, Amazon, WH Smith, Hamley’s, Tesco

A rectangular box with different images

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Deface Race

Join the exhilarating Deface Race, a high-speed family game where your mission is to deface picture cards. Can you skilfully sketch to make your teammates guess the secret word? Transform a cactus into a chicken or a teapot into a cat! How about turning the Mona Lisa into Mickey Mouse? Grab the dry-wipe pen, scribble away, and race against time. The team with the highest number of accurate guesses emerges victorious!

RRP: £12.99. Suitable for ages: 8+ years. Stockists include: Independents, Amazon, The Works, Tesco

A box with a game and cards

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The Best Of Kids Mini Game

Get ready to spread some Christmas cheer with Best of Kids Mini, the board game designed especially for children. This game is jam-packed with things you already know and, even more excitingly, things you didn’t even know you knew! It’s not your typical dull trivia game; it’s an absolute blast! Picture this: “Which letter of the alphabet sounds like a tiny, green vegetable?”, “What four words typically kickstart most fairy tales?”, “Which day during the Christmas Holidays seems to be named after a sport?” You’ll find over 50 Pot Luck, Picture, and Themed cards specially curated for KIDS! From sports to music, Disney to Dinosaurs, and science to snacks, we’ve got it all covered.

RRP: £8.99. Suitable for ages: 7+ years. Stockists include: Independents, Amazon , Very, WH Smith, The Works, Tesco

Gifts for Babies

Whirly Squigz

Fun Little Spinners – Stick, Spin, and Whirl! These delightful little toys will captivate and spin brilliantly. Made from high-quality silicone, they are big, bright, and full of mesmerizing tactile fun! Plus, they stick to any smooth surface, perfect for table play, bath time, and on-the-go fun!

RRP: £21.99 Suitable for ages: 10m+. Stockists include: Amazon, Happy Puzzle, Independents

A yellow and blue toy with a bug on its back

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Lamaze Freddie the Firefly
Following the success of the best-selling Freddie the Firefly, Lamaze has introduced a refreshed take on the original companion which is sure to keep your little one entertained on Christmas morning and for many months to come!

This friendly bug is designed to stimulate all the senses with its soft velour body, bright colours, patterns and textures. Freddie is filled with exciting features such as a squeaker, clinking rings, tethered ladybug teether, and knotted antennae perfect for chewing. His layered wings include a peek-a-boo mirror for interactive play and multiple textures, shapes, and crinkles to encourage exploration. The Lamaze clip allows you to attach Freddie to pushchairs, prams and car seats for on-the-go fun. A perfect gift for celebrating a first Christmas, Freddie will help babies learn to focus, track images and explore faces with mirror play as well as awakening auditory senses and soothe sore gums with the ladybird teether.

RRP: £15.99. Suitable for ages: 0m+. Stockists include: Independents, Smyths, Amazon, The Entertainer, Very, Hamleys, Sainsburys, Tesco, John Lewis, Boots, Waitrose, Ocado.

A stuffed toy with a child holding a flower

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A stuffed toy with a blonde hair child

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Lamaze ‘My Friend Jasmine’ and ‘My Friend Olivia’
Lamaze’s My Friend Jasmine and My Friend Olivia are the perfect dolls for Christmas this year. These plush dolls provide sensory experiences for babies and toddlers, encouraging fine motor skills and imaginative play. With crinkly legs, a rattle flower, embroidered face, and unique fabric textures to explore, these soft toys engage the ears, eyes and hands. They also come with a large clip for attaching to prams, car seats and more, making them the ideal travel companions and a new friend to share Christmas dinner with!

RRP: £15.99. Suitable for ages: 0m+

Stockists include: Independents, Smyths, Amazon, Very, John Lewis, Ocado,

A yellow container with plastic eggs and a yellow container with white and orange eggs

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Toomies Hide & Squeak® Eggs

Have a cracking Christmas morning with Hide & Squeak® Eggs! These egg-cellent toys have been a hit with parents and children for generations, and now they’re back in a brand-new edition that’s larger than ever before! The eggs have upgraded from medium to large size, bringing even more excitement to the table!

Our half-dozen heroes are still up for some mix-up and sorting adventures. From six months onwards, babies will be absolutely delighted by these eggs with funny faces. They’ll uncover the brightly coloured chicks hiding inside the shells. Three of them make bird sounds when pressed down, while the other three now rattle when shaken.

As children grow older, they’ll discover how the top half of the shells perfectly fit with the lower half. They’ll start recognising colours and matching and shape sorting fun, with each base fitting into its own unique slot in the bottom of the egg box. They’ll encounter round pegs, square holes, triangles, stars, and more, providing a delightful challenge to explore and remember.

RRP: £10.99. Suitable for ages: 6m+. Stockists include: Amazon, Argos, Hamleys, John Lewis, Ocado, Sainsburys, Smyths, The Entertainer, The Range, WM Morrisons, Independents

Best Toys For Bathtime

Toomies Swimming Bluey
Experience the magic of Bluey, the beloved character from the popular TV series, right in your own bathroom! Now, swimming lengths in your tub becomes an exciting adventure. With just a gentle tug on Bluey’s seahorse friend, the cable extends, and when released, something extraordinary happens: Bluey’s arms start paddling, and she begins to swim. Place her face down in the water and she effortlessly performs the front crawl. Flip her over, and she showcases her impressive backstroke skills. Prepare for endless aquatic fun with Bluey in the bathtub!

RRP: £19.99. Suitable for ages: 18m+. Stockists include: Independents, Smyths, Amazon, Argos, Very, The Range, John Lewis, Ocado

A toy kitchen set with a pitcher and a pitcher

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Toomies Bathtime Barista
Turn bath time into a coffee shop adventure with the Bath Barista from Toomies! Little ones can experience their own café fun as they brew make-believe cappuccinos, hot chocolates or festive frothy coffees! Pour water into the spinner to set it in motion, twist the handle to serve, create frothy bubbles with the foamer and add a sprinkle of water with the shaker. This set includes cups, a jug, and has convenient storage space. Easily attach it to tiles, bath sides or smooth surfaces using suction pads. Bath Barista is part of the Toomies role play range, encouraging imaginative play, communication, and fine motor skills. Another helping hand on Christmas morning is…no batteries are needed!

RRP: £22.99. Suitable for ages: 18m+. Stockists include: Independents, Smyths, Amazon, Argos, The Entertainer, Very, The Range, John Lewis

A group of toys on a white background

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Toomies Peppa’s Pool Party

If your little one loves Peppa, get ready for the squeals of excitement as this gift is opened! Make a splash at bath time with Peppa’s Pool Party from Toomies! Join Peppa Pig and her four BFFs for a splashing good time with these floating rings. They bob on the water, ready to transport Peppa, Candy Cat, Suzy Sheep, Rebecca Rabbit, and Danny Dog across your bathtub or around a paddling pool.

But wait, there’s more! Each pouring ring doubles as a water sprinkler, creating different patterns as kids shower the water through the base or over the curvy sides. The rings can also be linked together using the clever tabs on the side, easily joining two or more rings side by side. Connect all five to create a giant ring of fun!

These soft-touch collectable figures are beautifully moulded to scale, perfect for storytelling or taking them along on your travels to family and friends.

RRP: £19.99. Suitable for ages: 18m+. Stockists include: Independents, Amazon, Argos, The Entertainer, Very, Sainsburys, The Range

Top toys for Christmas – toddlers

A toy pig and dinosaur

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Toomies Pull Along Peppa
Introducing a delightful pull-along toy that brings Peppa Pig and her companions to life. This ingenious toy is designed with simplicity in mind, yet it captivates children as it rolls along. Three flexible axles allow Peppa, her brother George and their beloved dinosaur to sway from side to side. As the wheels turn and you pull the string, you’ll be greeted with a cheerful melody and amusing snorting sounds from Peppa and George. And watch out for the occasional roar from the dinosaur perched on the back!

RRP: £22.99. Suitable for ages: 18m+. Stockists include: Independents, Amazon, Argos, The Entertainer, Very, The Range, John Lewis

A toy house with a building and pieces of toys

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Toomies, Peppa Activity House

Get ready for a jolly good time at Peppa Pig’s house! Step inside and uncover the exciting secrets hidden behind those familiar walls. There are heaps of fun and surprises waiting for you at every turn. Fans of the show will be absolutely thrilled to find out what awaits behind each of the four windows. Give them a spin and watch as adorable characters pop out to say hello!

But wait, there’s more! Around the back of the house, a thrilling shape sorting game awaits. The vibrant colours will give you a clue, so match them up and you’ll soon have Mummy Pig, Daddy Pig, Peppa, and little brother George right where they belong. The chunky pieces are perfect for little hands, with a textured finish and easy stacking to create a delightful family pile. But that’s not all! Take a peek around the sides and up on the roof to discover walls made with an elasticated web. Stretch those rubber bands to stash or retrieve any pieces you desire. It’s a clever and innovative way to play!

RRP: £24.99. Suitable for ages: 18m+. Stockists include: Independents, Smyths, Amazon, Argos, The Entertainer, Very

A green toy tractor and a drill

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John Deere Kids Build a Johnny Tractor

The perfect present for budding farmers! The John Deere Build a Johnny Tractor is a 2-in-1 toy that provides endless fun for your little one! This construction toy can be assembled as a push along tractor or taken apart and put back together using a battery-powered drill, all made of chunky parts perfect for little hands. The toy comes with batteries pre-installed for immediate fun and is an officially licensed John Deere product. It has received both STEAM Accreditation by the Toy Association and a Good Toy Guide Recommendation.

RRP: £27.99. Suitable for ages: 18m+. Stockists include: Independents, Smyths, Amazon, The Entertainer, Very, Littlewoods, John Deere Dealership

A toy truck and drill

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John Deere Kids Build a Yellow Dump Truck

The John Deere Build a Yellow Dump Truck is a 2-in-1 toy that provides endless fun for your little one! This 13-piece construction toy can be assembled and disassembled using a battery-powered drill, great for encouraging problem-solving skills. The chunky parts are easy for little hands to manoeuvre, and the dump truck also features a working dump bed for hauling treasures. The toy comes with batteries pre-installed and is an officially licensed John Deere product. It has received both STEAM Accreditation by the Toy Association and a Good Toy Guide Recommendation.

RRP: £27.99. Suitable for ages: 18m+. Stockists include: Independents, Amazon, The Entertainer, Very, Littlewoods, Next, Selfridges, John Deere Dealership

A green toy tractor with yellow wheels

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John Deere Kids Key ‘n Go Johnny Tractor
For all those little ones who love keys…this is the gift for them! The John Deere Key ‘n Go Johnny Tractor is an interactive toy that stimulates curiosity and encourages learning through play. With 15 interactive features, kids can explore cause and effect and have fun with different tractor sounds and lights. Turning the key in the yellow slot shows Johnny’s three different expressions, while the blue slot causes him to drive in four different patterns. This toy also helps improve fine motor skills and includes batteries for immediate play.

RRP: £32.99. Suitable for ages: 18m+. Stockists include: Independents, Amazon, The Entertainer, Very, Littlewoods, Selfridges, John Deere Dealership

A colorful toy with a white handle

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Introducing the First-Ever Stacking Toy – Fat Brain SpinAgain! Watch the discs twirl down the reversible base on this exciting toddler toy. It’s an educational and fun experience for little ones!

With eye-catching discs in magenta, lime, lemon, red, sky blue, and more, your little one will have hours of stacking and twirling joy with this bright toy. SpinAgain toy develops motor skills, observation, hand-eye coordination, and early engineering skills. They help kids develop various skills from an early age, making learning enjoyable.

This popular Fat Brain toy is perfect for little hands and provides endless hours of learning joy a is great present for Christmas.

RRP: £31.99. Suitable for ages: 12m+. Stockists include: Amazon, independents

Gifts for young children

A box of toys

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Fat Brain Pretendables – Bakery Set

Budding bakers can cook up some sweet treats with the Pretendables Bakery Set! Crack the hook-and-loop egg into the bowl, add baking mix, and stir with the spinning mixer. The crate transforms into an oven and once baked, decorate your treats with sprinkles and icing. Get ready for homemade deliciousness and nurture your little one’s love of baking!

RRP: £29.99. Suitable for ages: 3yrs+

Stockists include: Independents, Amazon,

Gifts for budding artists

A plastic container with colorful pieces in it

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Jixelz Magic Moves Set

Discover the magic of Jixelz this Christmas! It’s the perfect fusion of jigsaw puzzles and pixels, igniting endless imaginative possibilities. Each Jixelz piece is meticulously designed, fitting perfectly with its neighbours.

The kit includes two delightful templates: Create a singing and dancing rainbow unicorn or a magical star-spangled llama with whimsical wig and adorable poking ears. Alternatively, let your creativity run wild by mixing and matching the pieces to design your very own unique creations. Once you’ve completed your masterpiece, the clever engineering keeps the pieces securely locked together. No need for ironing, glue, or water. Simply lift your designs off the table and proudly display them upright.

RRP: £ 14.99. Suitable for ages: 6years+. Stockists include: Amazon, Smyths, Boots and Independents

A child playing with a game

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Aquadoodle Super Rainbow Deluxe

Unleash your imagination this Christmas with the Aquadoodle Super Rainbow Deluxe Mat. Experience the magic as the vibrant colours come to life with a simple stroke of the Aquadoodle pen filled with tap water. Watch your drawings fade away as they dry, allowing you to create new designs on the mat over and over again.

The Aquadoodle Super Rainbow Deluxe Mat ensures a clean and stain-free doodling experience. Any water that drips off the mat remains clear, allowing you to let your creativity flow without any mess. Keep the fun going by refilling the Aquadoodle pen with water, explore broader strokes with the special paintbrush, and get even more creative with the included three stampers.

RRP: £27.99. Suitable for ages: 18m+. Stockists include: Independents, Smyths, Amazon, Argos, Very, Hamleys, John Lewis, The Works Stores,

Hey Clay Animal Large Set

Young sculptors are spoilt for choice with these two award-winning playset options! The 15 cans of quality clay included in this vibrant set are soft, lightweight, non-sticky, nontoxic, and stain-free – Perfect for young artists taking their first step into the magical world of clay creativity.

The fun starts once you download the free app and gain full access using the promo code included in the box. Then, follow along with the interactive 3D step-by-step instructions to masterfully mould it, one simple shape at a time.

As kids create, they learn useful techniques – rolling perfect spheres, cylinders, facial features, textures, and more – until finally, once the last mould is built, they can’t wait to try inventing their own creatures and characters!

RRP: £14.99. Suitable for ages 3years+. Stockists include: Amazon, Smyths, The Entertainer, Independent Toy Shops, John Lewis, Argos, The Very Group, Ocado, Next Online and TRU Online

A box with a drawing board

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Megasketcher Classic

Get ready for endless fun with the Megasketcher Classic magnetic drawing board! Say goodbye to screens over the festive period and hello to clear, crisp drawings with a fresh new look! For over 25 years, Megasketcher has dominated the magnetic drawing board world with unbeatable quality and an awesome drawing experience!

No pencils, no mess, no wasted supplies…and no need for WIFI to ignite their creativity. Fuel their imagination with four shape stampers and watch their ideas come to life on the magical screen! The best part? With one swipe of the eraser, their creations vanish, ready for a new artistic adventure. Let the fun never end with Megasketcher!

RRP: £24.99. Suitable for ages: 3yrs+. Stockists include: Independents, Smyths, Amazon, Argos, Very, Hamleys John Lewis

Film and TV Lovers

A stuffed toy on the floor

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Club Mocchi- Mocchi- Suya Suya™ Jujutsu Kaisen™ Yuji Itadori Plush

Prepare yourself for seasonal snuggles with your peacefully slumbering pals from Jujutsu Kaisen! Introducing the Club Mocchi- Mocchi- Suya Suya line, these highly detailed and adorable toys are irresistibly soft and squishy. Setting them apart from ordinary toys, these collectibles boast a unique texture that begs for cuddling. “Suya Suya” translates to “peacefully sleeping friend” in Japanese, making them the ideal companions for naptime. Club Mocchi- Mocchi- showcases beloved characters and items from various corners of pop culture. Whether you’re seeking delightful decor for a kids’ room, treating a devoted gamer or anime enthusiast, or simply indulging yourself, there’s a Mocchi- Mocchi- sure to captivate everyone. This Christmas could be the time to start a collection with Yuji Itadori and others!

RRP: £19.99. Suitable for ages: 3yrs+. Stockists include: Amazon, Hamleys, Selfridges , Independents

Club Mocchi- Mocchi- Kirby Mega Plush

Become friends with Kirby as you embark on exciting adventures through Dream Land with Club Mocchi- Mocchi! Created in Japan, Mocchi- Mocchi- is renowned for its extraordinary softness and huggable nature. Unlike regular plush toys, it possesses a distinctive squishy texture that is incredibly pleasing to the touch. The Kirby series showcases beloved characters from legendary video games, making it a must-have for fans this Christmas.

RRP: £34.99

Suitable for ages: 3yrs+

Stockists include: Smyths, Independents, Amazon, Game

A stuffed mushroom with a face

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Club Mocchi- Mocchi- Super Mario™ Mushroom Mega Plush

Experience a BOOST of yuletide joy with the Super Mario Mushroom Mega plush from Club Mocchi- Mocchi-! Created in Japan, Mocchi- Mocchi- presents irresistibly soft and huggable pillow toys. Setting them apart from ordinary plush toys, these collectible plush pillows boast a one-of-a-kind squishy texture and a remarkable softness. The Super Mario plush series showcases adored characters and iconic items from the beloved Nintendo® games. Whether you’re searching for delightful kids’ room decor, treating a cherished gamer, or indulging yourself, there’s a Mocchi- Mocchi- sure to bring delight to everyone.

RRP: £34.99. Suitable for ages: 3yrs+. Stockists include: Amazon, Costco , Independents, Smyths, Game

Games for the Kids

A toy with many colors

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Screwball Scramble Level Up
Get ready to take Screwball Scramble to new heights with Level Up! This gravity-defying game swaps the horizontal for the vertical, as your marble climbs from the bottom to the top, conquering over a dozen new obstacles. With just three controls on the base, you’ll need to navigate the Corkscrew, Bridge, Ladder, Swinging Passage, Hoops, Saw Blade Bridge, and more! And if you thought that was enough, there’s even a teetering Top Rail to scale before you drop down the Funnel and ding the finish bell below. Suitable for 1-4 players, Level Up is a test of hand-eye coordination, timing, and dexterity. Play solo to set a time and then beat it or go head-to-head with family and friends. Fastest up the maze wins! If you loved Screwball Scramble one and two, you won’t want to miss this classic game with a new twist.

RRP: £32.99. Suitable for ages: 5yrs+. Stockists include: Independents, Amazon, Argos, Very

A box with a game

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Beat the Camera

Beat the Camera is an exciting game where players compete to find a precious gemstone without being caught by a scanning camera. Players freeze when the camera stops, and one move triggers an alarm and ends the game. The first player to grab the gemstone and disarm the camera wins. The game can be played solo or with others, and the camera can be hidden for an ultimate hide-and-seek challenge. Suitable for 1 or more players, the game includes a camera, a gemstone and stand, and instructions. A great gift to be enjoyed over the festive period.

RRP: £22.99. Suitable for ages: 3yrs+. Stockists include: Independents, Smyths, Amazon, Argos, The Entertainer, Very, WH Smiths, Sainsburys, The Range

A yellow pillow with colorful text on it

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Pillow Bash

Get ready to test your wit and speed in TOMY Games’ Pillow Bash. This exciting game will have you picking out feathers from a pillow pocket and going head-to-head with your opponents in a series of challenges. With white feathers, you’ll need to think on your feet and come up with words and answers that fit the category. But be careful, hesitate or go blank and you’ll get bashed with the pillow by your opponent. With challenge feathers, you’ll be up for a physical challenge like a staring contest, a race to find objects, or a round of Rock Paper Scissors. Fail the challenge and you’ll get a bashing. The last player left standing wins the game. Pillow Bash contains 1 pillow, 30 word tennis feathers, 6 challenge feathers, and rules. Suitable for 2-10 players… so no one will be bored over the holidays! Adult supervision is recommended. More great news…no batteries are required.

RRP: £18.99. Suitable for ages: 6yrs+. Stockists include: Independents, Smyths, Amazon, Argos, The Entertainer, Very, WH Smiths, The Range,

A box with text and words on it

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Word Poppers
Word Poppers from TOMY Games is a fast-paced word game where players race against the clock to spell out three words using letter tiles on the game board. Each player has a word card with three letters to start with, and they must use the tiles to add letters and form words of two letters or more. The timer pops, and the letters go flying, so players must be quick! Earn points for each letter tile used in a word, with bonus points for longer words, but lose points for unused tiles or unpaired printed letters. The first player to score 25 points wins. Suitable for 1-4 players, Word Poppers includes a game board with pop-up timer, letter tiles, word cards, , and instructions. No scrabbling around for batteries as they’re not required. Get ready to pop some words with Word Poppers on Christmas day!
RRP: £24.99. Suitable for ages: 8yrs+. Stockists include: Independents, Smyths, Amazon , Argos, The Entertainer, Very, WH Smith

A box of a game

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Pop Up Super Mario
Get ready to play with everyone’s favourite character in this fun twist on a classic kid’s game. Super Mario fans of all ages will enjoy this kid-friendly action game that’s simple to set up and learn, but always keeps you on your toes. With three different ways to play, the Pop Up family of board games is perfect for festive family game nights and can be played by 2-4 players. In Classic play, players slide paddles into Mario’s pipe and try to make him pop out. Each player takes turns until someone finds the correct slot and Mario bounces out, winning the game. For Coin Collection, the paddles are mixed up and placed coin side down. Players choose a new paddle each turn and count the number of coins on it when they make Mario pop out. The player with the most coins at the end wins! In Team Play, larger groups can divide into Team Luigi and Team Bowser, playing Classic or Coin Collection. No matter how you play, Super Mario fans will love this game. Includes 1 Mario figure, 1 pipe, 24 colourful paddles, and easy instructions. Let’s-a go, Mario!

RRP: £19.99. Suitable for ages: 4yrs+. Stockists include: Independents, Smyths, Amazon, Argos, The Entertainer, Very, ASDA, WH Smiths,

Games for older children and adults

A game box with cards and cards

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The Game of Saying ‘Huh?!’

This is the ultimate game for Christmas 2023 and New Year! The Game of Saying ‘Huh?!’ – which has already been awarded a Mojo Award for best new party game – challenges players to say a word or phrase in eight different ways. Each player is assigned a unique way to say the phrase, such as like a rockstar or a police officer, using only their voice and facial expressions. The other players then have to vote secretly and identify the correct way the phrase was said. The player with the highest score wins. Suitable for 3-8 players. The game includes 30 task cards with 8 variations each, 8 act cards, 8 voting grids, 64 letter tokens, 56 scoring chips, and instructions. What’s more…no batteries are required to play. Say it like a TV presenter, a robot, or even Father Christmas! The Game of Saying ‘Huh?!’ is the perfect game for the entire family.

RRP: £14.99. Suitable for ages: 8yrs+. Stockists include: Independents, Amazon , Very, WH Smiths

A purple box with a box full of cards

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Best of the Royals
For the regal relatives in your life! Introducing the latest addition to the LOGO family of games, “Best of the Royals”. This game is a celebration of Britain’s national treasure, the monarchy, and is filled with Royal trivia that we have all grown up reading, seeing, and hearing about. The game includes classic LOGO cards such as Picture, Theme, and Pot Luck, and can be played by 2 to 8 players. With 55 cards and 2 jigsaws, this game is a welcome addition to LOGO’s “Best Of…” games range for fans of The Royal Family.

RRP: £14.99. Suitable for ages: 12yrs+. Stockists include: Independents, Amazon, Selfridges,

A game board with cards and chips

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Articulate is the best-selling  fast-paced description board game suitable for 4-20+ players aged 12 years and over. The aim of the game is to describe as many card entries as possible to your team in 30 seconds, without saying rhymes with or sounds like. The first team round the board wins in this loud, intense, and brilliantly funny game, making it ideal for parties and families with teenagers.

RRP: £32.99. Suitable for ages: 12yrs+. Stockists include: Independents, Smyths, Amazon, Argos, ASDA, WH Smiths, Hamleys, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, The Works Stores

A board game with a box and a game board

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The LOGO Board Game – Second Edition

The LOGO Board Game – Second Edition is the all-new version of the UK’s favourite family and teen logo team game. With a whole new set of question cards, players must answer the Picture, Theme, and Pot-Luck cards to advance around the board and win. Played in teams of 2-6 players or 2 teams, the game includes 396 question cards, a playing board, 6 playing pieces and rules – the perfect game for some healthy festive family competition!

RRP: £32.99. Suitable for ages: 12yrs+. Stockists include: Independents, Smyths, Amazon, Argos, Very, ASDA, WH Smiths, Sainsburys, Tesco, The Works Stores

Check out my other gift guides for Christmas and I would love to know what your top toys for Christmas 2023 are in the comments below.

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