With the winter months drawing closer, here comes the temptation to hibernate with comfort foods; however, if you want to keep in shape, and maintain a healthy food intake, you should try to avoid overloading your body with any unnecessary fats and carbohydrates. Here are five ways you can keep healthy during the winter season.

Shake off tiredness

When the sun’s not shining as much, and it’s colder, you may well feel less motivated to get up and get active. The winter weather can really disrupt our sleeping and waking up cycles.

However, listen to the experts, and they will tell you to get outdoors, breathe in the air – and absorb natural sunlight. This, combined with getting a good night’s sleep and, by that, they mean trying to go to bed and waking up at the same time day each day.

Get sporty

It’s important to keep active during the winter months. So, if you aren’t doing any regular sports or activities already, think about joining a gym, a regular exercise class – or buy yourself some running or cycling gear and get out and about. You could also think about enrolling on a yoga course, or experimenting with as many sports or exercise regimes until you’re happy.

Exercise and meditation can help you destress, making you feel a whole lot better in body and mind.

Eat healthy

Forget all those comfort foods you want to delve into. Health experts say you should stick to a balanced diet, especially in the winter, and include five portions of fruit and vegetables each day.

Instead of reaching for a sugary donut, reach for a juicy piece of fruit instead. Easy said than done, but you will thank yourself down the line that you opted for the healthier option.

Also, you should remember that fruit and vegetables don’t have to be boring. The supermarkets are full of all sorts of varieties these days, so try something new – and make something new to eat. Why not try your hand at making a good, hearty home-made soup?

Drink healthy

Those in the know will always tell you to keep your drinking habits in moderation – alcohol that is. Of course, you should be maintaining a healthy intake of water each day. But how about combining your fluid intake with your fruit and veg intake? You can do this by whipping up a smoothie in your home blender, or popping down to your local café for one. Smoothies come in all shapes and sizes, made with everything from carrot and kale, to strawberries and mangoes. There are loads of Superfood Smoothie Recipes out there for you to try out.

Get the whole family involved

If you have a family around you, or room-mates, try to get them all involved in your winter health kick. It’s tempting to sit on the sofa all day, but encourage everyone to do some exercise as a group: you could go for a long walk, or maybe check out that ice rink in the local park. Making it fun together can help you get motivated at a time when you feel like you want to do exactly the opposite.

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Last Update: Thursday, 19th October 2017