So three weeks ago I started my venture into the world of vegetarianism and it’s been quite a journey so far. I have to admit, I have been feeling awful over the past few weeks but I am now on the other side and feeling revitalised and ready for anything. I have been exploring some great recipes and I am finding that food is far more interesting than I realised, this vegetarian lifestyle is a much happier place. 

One of the first things I’ve noticed is that I have been feeling like my body is on a detox. The first few days I felt clean. I can’t really explain it other than that, I felt like someone had cleaned my digestive system and veins – it’s quite a bizarre feeling but it did feel good. Then after a week or so I started to feel unwell and it wasn’t until I did a little research that I realised why I had been feeling so unwell. Apparently it is very common for the human body to react when you change your diet quite dramatically, caffeine and meat for example. My body had literally gone in to detox and that is why I had been feeling so unwell, but feeling cleaned at the same time. I was lethargic, easily irritated, I felt incredibly weak and I couldn’t face any kind of exercise, I had stomach cramps, I felt nauseous a lot which diminished my appetite and the most gruesome symptom of all: diarrhoea. It was horrendous. Sorry folks! 

When I read the article below it comforted me to know that it was normal to be feeling these things and that after a week or so it should pass and I will feel a lot better. Which I do. I feel great. Yesterday I did a run at lunchtime and a long walk with the dogs after work and I didn’t eat sweet foods all day or pick at naughty foods – I felt brilliant. I hope this is the start of things to come, as I feel so fuelled and full of life.

What did shock me was that the reason why your body has a detox after you stop eating meat. It detox’s because of the build up of toxins in your body, which you consume when you eat meat. If you think about it properly, which I hadn’t before, you eat everything that animal has eaten or had in it’s body. The hormones it’s fed to fatten it up quickly, the antibiotics the animals are given so they do not get ill from the horrid conditions they are kept in. All things that you don’t even consider when you eat the meat on your plate. Why would you? It was just another reason as to why I could never eat it again and it completely turned my stomach to think of eating it again. Some people say that the detox makes them turn back to meat as they see it as a sign their body needs it. Well, I was thrown in the other direction, I cannot stand the thought of it at all. shutterstock_333732926

Now that’s over with, onto the happy stuff: I have tried several new and yummy recipes and also found out some interesting facts. 

Did you know? 

…you cannot eat parmesan if you are vegetarian? No, neither did I. It has animal in it to help it harden. Yuck. 

…you cannot drink McDonalds milkshakes if you are vegetarian? Yes, this was a huge shock to me and hubby too, but I have heard on the grapevine that the milkshakes are thickened up using chicken fat. Which is completely disgusting. I was told this by a McDonalds employee – I am not 100% sure if this is the case. I am going to try and 

Vegetarian recipes that I love

There are a few recipes I have found that are completely scrummy, some of the things I have been experimenting with: 

Aubergine lasagne by Jamie Oliver – simply amazing. Aubergine is my favourite! 

Based on the stuffing loaf recipe by Sarah Wilson, I discovered that I loved nut roasts. This nut roast by Jamie Oliver looks yummy too and I will be trying this out next time. 

I am getting used to cooking in the Ella way, which is to prepare foods and bake in bulk ready for the week. I made a delicious bolognese sauce on Sunday using Quorn, so I now have some frozen servings ready for lunches or a quick dinner. I purchased the Deliciously Ella cookbook and there are so many yummy recipes in it, from the Quinoa porridge I made for breakfast this morning to yummy snacks you can take to work with you. The sweet potato and chickpea stew from Deliciously Ella looks amazing and is definitely next on the list to try. 

I have things in the cupboards that I had never heard of until I started on this journey, foods like Chia seeds or Cacoa, it is amazing what I am trying and learning along the way. 

The yoga image and box of vegetables image is by ShutterStock. 

Do you have any tips for a new vegetarian? Do you have any recipes suggestions too? I would love to try them and love to know, please comment below: 

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