With National Prosecco day nearly a month ago now, I wanted to highlight some of my favourites and yes they are vegan! I love prosecco, it is my go to drink when we go out for a meal or in the evenings so knowing that there are vegan proseccos makes me happy. I love exploring the different flavours and varieties and it is good to know which ones are vegan / vegetarian. I wrote this before the sad news last week, but like many other people across the world I will be giving the King a cheers and the Queen a toast of thanks.

Did you know not all Prosecco is vegan or vegetarian? Unfortunately, some prosecco brands use animal products such as milk protein, fish oil or egg whites during the fining process of production. Luckily for the UK’s 1.6 million vegans, however, the rise of plant-based diets in recent years has seen the number of vegan wine options skyrocket.

The huge rise in interest around the term “vegan prosecco” has seen everyone from Aldi to M&S jump aboard the vegan bandwagon. Virgin Wines recently revealed that their sales of vegan wine have risen by 51% in just two years, selling a staggering 1,735,730 bottles of vegan wines in 2021 alone; with the growing popularity of vegan-friendly drinks options, you can now find an array of superb vegan prosecco covering all price ranges and tastes.

Follador Prosecco Superiore DOCG Torri di Credazzo

Image credit: Follador

Price: £11.99

This elegant prosecco hails from a top single vineyard, with hints of apple, peach and rose petals in a medium dry body. Ideal to pair with olives or vegan cheese as an apéritif, this prosecco’s rave reviews attest to its versatility and popular appeal, making it a solid choice for guests or celebratory affairs.

La Gioiosa Prosecco Brut

Image credit: La Gioiosa

Price: £1o

This affordable prosecco is a dry, lemony choice with a hint of almonds – plus, it’s available at most UK high street stores like Morrisons, Tesco, Co-op, Majestic and Nisa, making it easy to pick up on your next grocery run. Try this one with vegan sushi or pasta dishes for a relaxing summer lunch.

Barocco Prosecco Rosé

Barocco Prosecco Rose

Image credit: MummyConstant

Price: £10.99

Refined, elegant and refreshing, the wait for vegan prosecco rosé is over with this delicate and complex choice. Featuring notes of peach, green apple and lemon, this sparkling rosé is great for serving at garden parties, special occasions or before a meal. I can tell you that this Prosecco is absolutely delicious. It had a really nice flavour which was easy to drink. I will definitely be buying more of this one.

Prosecco Valdobbiadene Millesimato DOCG, Villa Sandi

Image credit: Villa Sandi

Price: £14.99

A more superior class of prosecco from the Villa Sandi estate, this International Wine & Spirits Challenge award-winning wine is clean, fruity and offers a subtle suggestion of acacia honey. Soft and generous on the palette, it’s the ideal match for vegan canapes or panettone.

Plaza Centro Prosecco

Image credit: Plaza Centro

Price: £7.50

A more affordable option, this classic Italian sparkling wine has bright citrus fruit flavours and works well as a pairing for light bites or with orange juice for a prosecco cocktail. Lively and refreshing, this is a great crisp and fruity choice to save for hot summer afternoons. This is the prosecco I drink the most as I can grab it on the supermarket shop and it tastes lovely in my Aperol Spritz cocktails.

With the ever-increasing number of vegan prosecco choices on the market, which ones should you make room for in your cupboard? The plant-based lifestyle experts at Free Soul share the options you need to try if you’re a vegan with a thirst for some sweet bubbly this summer. What one would you like to try? Vegan proseccos are a perfect gift idea if you need one.

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Last Update: Wednesday, 14th September 2022

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