You will have seen from my Instagram stories and feed this week that Hubby and I got to see the newly renovated and new menu at The Flying Horse in Clophill. The pub officially opened last night, to the public, and they have a lot on offer. I haven’t been there for years and it was a complete shock when I walked in. It looks truly beautiful. And the menu is totally worth the visit…

The new vegan menu

As you know we try to eat mainly vegan in the Constant household now and it is amazing when you go to a restaurant and there is a vegan menu. You can find the menus online and have a look at the vegan options.

Starter: Hubby chose the KING OYSTER MUSHROOMS: miso & chilli glaze, black onion seeds. It looked absolutely delicious, it’s the main photo for this blog post (see above).

Main: We both, couldn’t resist, the PLANT-BASED BURGER: Beyond Meat® vegan patty, Violife melting mature slice, tomato sauce, baby gem lettuce. This dish comes with a salad, to make it vegan, but if you chose fries they are classed as vegetarian as the fries share the fryer with dairy products. I can confirm that the sauce that comes with this burger is absolutely delicious, I could have eaten 5 of them. OK, well maybe not! The beyond meat burgers are just so realistic, it is frightening how meat like they are – I have had to ask for confirmation before! Just to double check.

Dessert: Hubby chose the Billionaire Shortbread dessert, it is one of his favourite things and he said it was incredibly delicious. It looked really pretty on the plate too!

The vegetarian options

I chose a couple of vegetarian options off the main menu, as I do still eat a few dairy things, however this is very limited and not my main diet anymore.

Starter: I chose the HALLOUMI FRIES and they came with a sweet chilli dip which had a nice tang to it. It always amazes me how restaurants can get the Halloumi so light and fluffy, these were just perfect and the crumb around them was very delicate.

Dessert: I chose the most calorific thing on the menu, of course, the LOTUS BISCOFF CHOCOLATE BOMB. This consisted of a lot of chocolate and toffee sauce. So the hot toffee sauce is poured over the chocolate bomb on the plate, which melts to reveal a brownie and Lotus Biscoff dessert in the middle. It is very delicious, I couldn’t finish it though. Watch the video below and let me know if you book into have a meal at The Flying Horse because of it!

They serve lots of wines, beers, cocktails and mocktails, I can recommend the Elderflower and Apple mocktail: Elderflower, apple juice and lemonade – it was so refreshing and tasty. Perfect for non drinkers, or the designated driver, and you wouldn’t feel left out as it comes all dressed up like the cocktails too. I really want to try and recreate this one.

The Flying Horse refurb!

I love the new decor, it went from neutral tones in the main dining area to a fantastic design that has so much for our eyes to see. The main area by the fire has changed dramatically too. They have removed the small bar from the main fireplace to make room for more dining and they have extended the main bar area. It all looks very chic, I got 1950’s vibes, like I was in the capital back in time. I just didn’t dress in that theme. The bar looks full of colour, it was all sparkly and everything looked so pretty.

They have changed everything, leaving no stone unturned. I even noticed they had painted the ceiling. There is fancy wallpaper, paintings and fabrics everywhere you turn and it looks amazing. Check out their website for more information. There are LOTS of places to take fun selfies…

I would love to know what you think of the new updates and menu in the comments below or on social media. If you book it and go and try it out – let me know if you agree! A huge thank you to The Flying Horse for hosting us. Oh and if you get a chance have a look at my vegan family recipes post for inspiration.