As a vegetarian the most popular question I get asked is “What do you do for a Sunday roast dinner then?”. This is partly due to the fact I love Sunday roasts and also their horror that I might not be able to enjoy a Sunday roast! Of course I can. It’s my favourite meal of the week as we all sit around as a family. It has been a big learning curve testing what works well with roasted vegetables, Yorkshire pudding and gravy. So, here is a list of my favourites: 

Everything without the meat 

This is the simplest roast dinner, I suspect, but if we are going to visit friends or family and they are doing a roast dinner. If there isn’t a vegetarian option available (which I don’t expect there to be by the way) then I will have a lovely plate of vegetables, roast potatoes, Yorkshire pudding and gravy. I actually really enjoy this simple dinner. 

A good ole nut roast

I have found lots of these in shops, I have a couple too and the best recipe I have discovered is from Sarah Wilson. In her book, I quit sugar SIMPLICIOUS, the recipe is called Baked Stuffing Loaf. It is absolutely delicious. She uses Pistachio’s and all of the left over greens. It is really easy to make, you can use all of your leftovers up with it too. 


Puff pastry wellingtons 

Hubby makes a fabulous puff pastry wellington, I had it for my first Christmas dinner as a vegetarian. It soon became a family favourite. This recipe is made up of mushrooms, caramelised red onion, stilton and spinach. All wrapped up in a puff pastry wellington. it is absolutely delicious, the flavours are incredible and it goes perfectly well with a rich red wine jus.

Meat free sausages

Growing up I loved toad in the hole: sausage and Yorkshire pudding. My favourite meat free sausages are from the Tesco range. They oven cook really well, you get a nice crisp on the outside and they taste delicious. You can never go wrong with a vegetarian toad in the hole with the usual roast vegetables and lashings of gravy. 

Quick and easy freezer goodies 

I have found a lot of yummy vegetarian bakes in our local supermarkets: meat free pies and lattice pastries. There are a lot of lovely things that you can grab on your weekly shop and have in the freezer for a rainy day. That way you can have your roast dinner with whatever takes your fancy. 

If you have any other ideas on what to have with your roast potatoes, vegetables and gravy for that perfect vegetarian roast dinner I would love to hear them: comment below or contact me on social media @mummyconstant






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Last Update: Sunday, 4th February 2018