When planning a party for Isla’s birthday I had to consider the good ole English weather, it can make it tricky when thinking of having people indoor or outdoor. With lots of people in the house I wanted to be able to extend into the garden area, but alas it did rain. That didn’t stop us having a fabulous Afternoon Tea Party though with Isla’s favourite things and people.

Choosing the cake

Isla loves watermelon and so we tried to make her a watermelon cake. It didn’t taste of watermelon just looked like it with Icing and food colourant. We followed a fun recipe too. It wasn’t a masterpiece but Isla and I enjoyed baking this together and we had fun. That’s the main thing isn’t it?

What food to make?

This was a big decision, getting the sandwiches right for all of your guests and it felt like we made loads. But they were all eaten and a few goodie bags went home too. We chose to do Cheese and Pickle, Ham and Egg Mayo. There was something for everyone which was great. We also made home made fruit scones, as what is a tea party without a scone? We had fun baking everything and putting it all together, I love decorating the party table. I bought a few things from the supermarket too, but they were the things that were left, mainly. Everyone loves a home cooked cake and sandwich.

Party decorations

We had some fabulous decorations from Lucy Darling, the garden party in a box pack is just perfect! The pack comes with plates, bowls, cups, banners and cake toppers. It all fit with the theme and just looked so pretty on the party table. We will definitely be getting these again for the next party we have. It comes set for 16 too – which is great when you are having a party for the family.

Activities for indoors and out

Having activities for children that can be done indoors and outdoors, is tricky. We loved the heroines of history tablecloth from Eat Sleep Doodle, it can be done inside or out. It was perfect for Isla’s party as afternoon teas bring a lot of history and so does this tablecloth. Colour-in and discover twenty influential women in history from across the world – some familiar, some lesser known! From Boudicca and Sacagawea to Joan of Arc and Cleopatra, colour and learn about the brilliant, impactful and powerful women in history who pioneered and triumphed. The great thing with this activity is the pens dry in seconds and it can be washed and restarted whenever you like.

Make a personalised menu

For an extra special touch we designed and printed out a personalised menu for the afternoon tea party and had one on a stand so people could see what the cakes and sandwiches were. You can see more ideas of creating a beautiful family afternoon tea at home and get inspiration for your party. Hiring crockery or using the best china makes a tea party feel even more special too.

Dress to impress

Isla wore her birthday cake dress from Rachel Riley to the party and she made this video herself to “reveal” it. I realise her bedroom isn’t tidy, but she was so proud of this video. Blue is Isla’s favourite colour and there are so many beautiful party dresses to choose from on the website. Perfect for any afternoon tea party and made her feel like a princess.

Don’t forget the pets

When you have a house full of family and friends it can be difficult for the pets to relax. The dogs and cat need to feel safe and so we got them this new bed and blanket so they can retreat to their safe places, and boy do they look cosy. The bed and blanket went down a treat with them all. They look so sweet all snuggled up. Both are from Suzy and are in the new teddybear range, they are so soft and wash well in the washing machine too.

Do you have any fun ideas for an afternoon tea party? I would love to know more in the comments below or tweet, instagram comment or message on Facebook.

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Last Update: Saturday, 24th September 2022

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