The incredible intergalactic journey home book review

Noah received a great book from the people that create the lost my name book. The incredible intergalactic journey home is a fantastic, personalised book, which has Noah’s name written in the stars and has an aerial shot of our neighbourhood. It is amazing. 

Noah loved seeing his name in the stars, his face was a picture when he realised. He loved turning the pages and seeing the wonderful illustrations, he enjoyed talking about the planets too as I think he had been learning about them in reception. So he was bringing his knowledge of the planets from the book. 

The story follows a child from outer space, finding their way right to their very own front door. I won’t spoil any of the fun twists and turns from the storyline. You simply must read it for yourself. 

It is so good, in fact, Tim Peake recently read it from space, Lost my name can hardly believe it happened. You can check the video out here, or see the video below: 

It is really easy to order the book, you simply enter your name and address into the order form and a few days later the book arrives, personalised with the name and a street view screenshot of the neighbourhood of the address. It is really easy. The book is such great quality, just like the Lost my name book. 

The book is only £19.99, it would make a fantastic Christmas gift or a special treat for any space adventurer. You can order your very own book from the Lost my name website:

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