If you find the summer, when the kids can be outdoors playing, a great rest from having everybody crammed into the house for the rest of the year, then you may well be interested in the latest garden design trend – outdoor rooms. Outdoor rooms are cool cabin style structures you can place anywhere outdoors on your property, that give you an extra room to use all year round. Because it is completely covered and you can have power supplies and heating there, it can make for the ideal year round den for your kids – making your home feel far quieter, tidier and more spacious when they want to play! To find out more about garden rooms, visit GardenSpaces.co.uk.

Garden Rooms and Young Children

You can set up a garden room to be a warm, cosy place where your younger children can lounge about on beanbags and read or colour, or can play freely with their toys without cluttering up your living room or their bedroom. You can all hang out in there together and read stories after dark with a warm mug of cocoa before bed in the cooler months, and in summer it gives them a place to stash all the things they are playing with in the garden, and a place to go and cool off with a cold drink.


Outdoor Rooms and Older Children

For older kids, your outdoor room can be a good place for you to set up their games consoles or computers, where they can hang out and also study for school. When they have friends over, it gives them a place to go where you can still keep an eye on them, but where they will also feel like they have privacy they may not feel they get in the house – something that starts to become important to tweens quite quickly! The garden room can also be a lovely place for them to have sleepovers where they can stay up late giggling and playing music without keeping everybody else up, but are close by so you don’t need to be worried about them.

Outdoor Rooms and Teens

For teens, the privacy thing can be even more important, and being able to hide away in the outdoor room can allow them to feel like they really do have their own space. Ideal for when they have their friends over, and a great peaceful place to study for their exams without their siblings bothering them, teens are certain to appreciate having their own place to go where they know they won’t be disturbed – it may well keep them from disappearing for hours on end with their friends too!

Whatever age your children are, an outdoor room is a great use of the space you already have to make a year round place they can do what interests them most, feel like they have privacy, and entertain their friends, and all of this without causing you any stress or worry!

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