This summer, Cirrus Healthcare will be launching their new range of soft silicone earplugs into larger Boots stores across the UK, providing a new and fun way to protect your child’s ears. Joining SpongeBob SquarePants on the shelves will be old time favourite Mickey Mouse, best girl Hello Kitty, our deep sea friend Nemo, and Disney’s favourites Cars and Princess Ariel. These specially designed ultra soft earplugs are ideal for swimming, showering, or bathing.

These new character earplugs are safe, comfortable, waterproof and reusable and come in pairs of three in a waterproof carry case.  Suitable for all ages, they are available in larger Boots stores from June onwards. They may even come in handy for Mummy when we go on holidays or Mummy can’t sleep, I will most definitely be wearing The Little Mermaid earplugs.


Aqua Ears offer dual protection for water-sensitive ears by sealing out water and reducing ear discomfort due to water pressure. In addition, Aqua Ears do not interfere with normal hearing like most other ear plugs for swimming, offering safer recreation. Includes a convenient carrying case.

As you know we are huge fans in the Constant household and I cannot wait for June, so that we can stock up on the Disney Aqua Ears in our local boots store. I love the fact their are some unisex earplugs, girly ones and a rather fetching Cars version for the boys. I just know that Noah will want the cars ones and Isla will love The Little Mermaid like her Mummy. You never know, they may even bring out a Tinkerbell version, which of course, both Noah and Isla will snap up!

Aqua Ears use the same technology as BioEars™, which is one of the best selling products from the world’s leading innovators in ear care, Cirrus Healthcare. BioEars™ are the only earplugs which use ACTIValoe™ a powerful anti-microbial agent, which keeps the earplugs free from the bacteria that can lead to degradation in ordinary earplugs, thus ensuring that the ear canal remains fully protected. The earplugs are easily moulded to the shape of your ear providing a comfortable airtight seal, resulting in your ears being protected from water penetration and harsh noise.

Aqua Ears come in packs of three reusable pairs in a waterproof polypropalene carry case, with an RRP of £4.99. Aqua Ears are manufactured from soft silicone which contains the unique ACTIValoe™ powerful anti-microbial agent.

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Last Update: Wednesday, 9th January 2019